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On Oct. 16, Elise de Loos from Cashpay Solutions launched a new video website called, a platform that utilizes bitcoin cash for ad revenue that’s shared with its users. Basically, Xhoneybadger members are paid in tokens called honeybadgers (XHB) every time they watch a video. Then, at the end of each month members can use their XHB to claim a share of BCH ad revenue or save their tokens.

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Watch Videos and Get Paid in Bitcoin Cash Pays Viewers Cryptocurrency to Watch ContentThere’s a new video website called that pays members to view video content hosted on the platform. During the project’s first week of launch, it was originally dedicated to porn videos only, but since then the platform now hosts a variety of regular content. The platform was created by Elise de Loos from the Cashpay Solutions team, the creators of and the Cashpay wallet. The new Xhoneybadger platform has native tokens called honeybadgers (XHB), which are distributed to users every time they watch a video. Xhoneybadger creates revenue by selling advertisements and each ad-sale is converted to bitcoin cash (BCH) and at the end of each month, users can convert shares of XHB into BCH earnings. Pays Viewers Cryptocurrency to Watch Content

Additionally, honeybadgers can also be used to purchase Amazon gift cards from the Xhoneybadger website. The project creators say that once a “viable onchain token solution” is made available, then XHB will be able to be traded openly on the market. The company explains that the current redeem value for 1 XHB is $0.01 for gift cards with a $25 minimum limit. The Xhoneybadger team also says that the system is currently centralized and offchain “until one of the current token solutions matures.” Pays Viewers Cryptocurrency to Watch Content

A Variety of Videos, Articles, and Porn

While perusing through Xhoneybadger’s new regular video content, the application has a good variety of subjects to choose from including technology, art, health, bitcoin cash, astronomy, music, philosophy, and more. For those who dig adult content, the porn section has a good amount of erotic entertainment. The pornographic section is separated from the regular videos and the site warns the user that they have to be 18 years or older to visit that area. There’s also an assortment of descriptive search words that lead to an array of videos tethered to a specific type of adult content or fetish. Pays Viewers Cryptocurrency to Watch Content
Initially, Xhoneybadger was all porn but now the site offers all content.

Overall, the platform has a surprisingly large amount of video content for a project that just started less than two weeks ago. Moreover, the website just added regular videos and the ability to earn funds by reading articles on Oct. 24. Signing up for Xhoneybadger only requires an email address, and after registering the user is brought to an account dashboard. The account dashboard shows the user’s profile details, addresses, a download shop, and an XHB withdrawal section. In addition to the shop that sells Amazon gift cards, the e-commerce section sells XHB as well.

Just like any new bitcoin cash platform stepping into the wild, the Xhoneybadger platform will likely need to gather a good amount of users to stay viable. The platform’s front page does not reveal any porn, so people who dislike this type of video material are not confronted with something they don’t expect. But for people who love pornography and have no problem with sexual content, the website surely caters to this crowd of viewers too.

What do you think about the video site that allows viewers to earn bitcoin cash? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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