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The ULTIMATE Crypto Links Collection

Curated Collections Of Cryptocurrency Links To Help You With YOUR Crypto Life

 The world of cryptocurrencies can be very confusing when you first encounter them. New concepts such as digital money, private keys, wallets that don’t really hold any money but are the gateway to your wealth … these can all be quite difficult to understand.

These link collections are intended to act as an entry point to a wide range of common needs & applications that I have encountered in my own journey through the crazy world of cryptocurrencies.

I hope that they will help to guide you on your journey into this amazing world of freedom and independence.

You may see the same link shared in different collections – often the same site can fulfil more than 1 function.
In cases like this I have directed the link internally to the relevant section of the site.

All links will load in a new browser tab. To get back to this page just close that tab.

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New to Crypto? Start Here

If you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies, then the first thing you need to do is educate yourself a little.

It is a wild and crazy and mostly unregulated world. While the freedom of being in complete control of your own money is very attractive, it has a certain amount of risk associated with it. 

If you don’t make a point of learning about it, you will easily fall prey to scammers and con artists that will use your ignorance and lack of understanding to steal your money!

This collection is structured to help you get started by directing you to relevant educational resources that will get you up to speed very quickly.

After going through this section you will understand how blockchains and cryptocurrencies work, you’ll know how to get your first wallet, and you’ll also know what scams to be on the lookout for. 

The Wallet Collection

Without wallets there can be no crypto world.

They are the essential component that allow us to access our cryptos, and to move them about as, when and where we want to.

However, they all have a certain amount of risk associated with their use. It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of these risks to the security of your crypto fortune.

Trade Your Cryptos – The Exchange Collection

Exchanges are where all the action happens in the crypto world. They are where you can buy and sell your crypto coins and hopefully amass a huge crypto fortune!

The exchange collection is broken into 3 sections: 

1. FIAT to Crypto Exchanges

These exchanges allow you to deposit FIAT currencies (USD, GBP, ZAR etc) and exchange this for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They also allow you to cash your cryptos in for FIAT currency that you can withdraw to your bank account or credit card.

2. Crypto Only Exchanges

These exchanges do not accept FIAT currencies. You will still need a FIAT exchange account if you want to change any cryptos purchased on these exchanges to FIAT currency.

3. Distributed Exchanges (DEX)

Distributed exchanges allow you to trade cryptos while still being in full control of your private keys, and thus your coins. They can’t be hacked, and so your cryptos are usually safest on these exchanges.

Crypto Commerce Collection – Spending Crypto

Spending cryptocurrencies is what its all about. After all, what good is a currency if you can’t buy anything with it?

This collection is geared around showing you ways you can access your cryptos to use them to buy things in the ‘real’ world.

Crypto Commerce Collection – Accepting Crypto

Accepting cryptocurrencies as payment of goods & services online is where things are going.

This collection is focused on showing you various crypto related business tools, services & options that allow you to integrate cryptocurrecies into your online business operations.

Essential Crypto Knowledge Base

They say knowledge is power!

There is nowhere this rings more true than in the world of cryptocurrencies.

This collection includes books, news and coin information websites, popular blogs and podcasts in the cryptosphere.

Mining Collection

One way to get cryptocurrencies is to mine them.

Miners help stabilise the network and provide transaction validations. In return they earn cryptocurrency.

This collection will give you a starting point into the world of crypto mining.

Crypto Community Collection

The crypto world has a vibrant and entertaining scene on social networks.

As you would expect with something as freedom oriented as cryptocurrencies, the platforms that this takes place on are also wide and varied.

This collection will introduce you to the various apps, platforms, and personalities that make the social crypto space such an entertaining place to visit.

Earning Crypto Collection

There  are other ways apart from mining that allow you to earn crypto.

This collection focuses on crypto rewards programs, as well as fun areas like crypto games and faucets that allow you to earn free crypto.

Crypto Faucets

  1. Cointiply
  2. Free Bitcoin