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There’s been a lot of activities taking place with the new project developed by Bitmain called Wormhole. The team of developers just recently launched the Wormhole mainnet where the public can see the list of coins and the generated Wormhole Cash (WHC). Meanwhile, Gabriel Cardona, the creator of the Bitcoin Cash development kit, Bitbox, released a whole guide for individuals and groups so they can create tokens and crowdsales on the BCH chain.

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Wormhole Developers Launch Mainnet is a project for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain that provides any individual or organization the ability to create representative tokens. This means users can create tokens that can represent anything they choose like a commodity such as gold, silver, copper, and tobacco. The tokens could also be stocks, bonds, loyalty points, and even coins pegged to a fiat currency like the US dollar. Wormhole is a fork of the project Omni Layer which created and issued the very well known dollar-pegged token tether (USDT).

Wormhole Mainnet and Developers Guide Launched
Users can now view a token and WHC generation list.

This week the Wormhole creators launched the project’s mainnet and a blockchain explorer for created tokens and the Wormhole Cash (WHC) generation list. At the moment there’s about 178 tokens listed on the website According to the WHC generation list it’s been about five days since the last burn for WHC. For every 1BCH burned, the protocol uses the OP_RETURN in the Wormhole burner and the transaction credits the receiving address 100WHC. Right now WHC tokens are being traded against BCH on the exchange Coinex, and at the moment 1WHC is worth 0.008742BCH ($4.85).

Developer Tools and Guides Are Now  Available for the Wormhole Client

Additionally, on August 9, Gabriel Cardona the creator of the open source BCH software developer’s kit (SDK) called Bitbox created a Wormhole getting started guide. People can utilize’s developer’s tools to create tokens and launch a crowdsale using the Bitcoin Cash protocol.

Wormhole Mainnet and Developers Guide Launched
Check out to get started with Wormhole. 

Cardona explains that Wormhole is a fully featured Javascript codebase that he integrated with Bitbox allowing any individual or organization the ability to launch ‘fixed’ and ‘managed’ tokens or even start an initial coin offering (ICO). The Bitbox creator explains to that there are three types of tokens that can be created for just a few cents worth of BCH network fees.    

  • Token with a fixed number. (creators cap the number of coins created)
  • Token with a managed number. (Create a token and grant new tokens to people or revoke tokens to increase/decrease the total amount.)
  • Crowdsale/ICO. (Create a number of tokens and sell them for WHC in an ICO.)

WHC is needed to purchase a crowdsale token created with the Wormhole client, and all of the actions within the process are all on-chain bitcoin cash transactions with an OP_RETURN. The web portal gives programmers everything they need to get started with the Wormhole client. Cardona also details on Twitter how easy it is to create tokens on the BCH chain using his Wormhole developers guide.

Wormhole Mainnet and Developers Guide Launched
Gabriel Cardona shows his Twitter followers how easy it is to create an ICO on the BCH chain.

Can Wormhole Replicate the ERC-20 Phenomenon?  

Right now WHC has around $1.3M USD worth of trades taking place over the last 24-hours on the Coinex exchange. It will be interesting to see how well this project does over time and whether or not it can replicate the token creation and ICOs created with the ERC-20 protocol.

Wormhole Mainnet and Developers Guide Launched
At press time on the exchange Coinex one WHC is trading for $4.85 per coin or 0.008742BCH at the time of publication.

At the moment the project is very much in need of a friendly GUI and a compatible SPV wallet that can read Wormhole created tokens. Even so with Bitmain behind the project, and the amount of focus on working with the protocol developers who brought these applications to the table, would likely be kindly rewarded.

Check out the video ‘What Is Wormhole’ below with the Wormhole project’s lead developer Jiazhi Jiang. 

What do you think about Wormhole and the ability to create tokens and ICOs using the BCH protocol? Let us know what you think about this project in the comment section below.

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