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Hardware Wallets

Cryptocurrencies, just like FIAT currencies, are very attractive to thieves, and because they are digital, cryptos are at significant risk from hacking attacks.

Cold storage wallets are the safest form of storage for your cryptos, as they are disconnected from the internet and so are very difficult to hack.

As we discuss here, the simplest form of cold storage is a paper wallet. However paper wallets are not easy to access, and can be a bit difficult to use for some people.

So what is a hardware wallet?

The next best thing to a paper wallet (and a little easier to use) is a hardware wallet.

A hardware wallet stores the public and private keys for your various cryptocurrency wallets, and protects them with a pin number.

It allows you to connect and disconnect the wallet from the internet as you need simply by connecting the hardware wallet to your laptop / phone / pc and then unlocking the wallet using the PIN number.

When you’re not spending, and just want to HODL your coins, this is a great option, as the wallet can be safely stored in a safe, and only pulled out when needed.

If you want a hardware wallet, the ones listed below are highly recommended.

Ledger Nano S

Probably the most popular hardware wallet on the market today, the Ledger Nano-S is a great solution to have the security of offline storage with the convenience of plug and play online when you want to move your cryptos around or bank some profits!

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Touted as the most trusted hardware wallet in the world.

Click the image to visit the official Trezor site and get yours today!


Complete Cold Storage for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and ERC20 Tokens

The world’s only mobile hardware wallet. Made for iPhone or Android.

Click the image to visit the official Coolbit site and get yours today!