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The lawsuit against Craig Wright continues this week and on April 5, court dockets indicate that Florida Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart memorialized rulings from the recent Craig Wright deposition. Moreover, the counsel representing the Kleiman estate has submitted 2,136 documents belonging to Dave Kleiman on April 4. Many of the court documents submitted over the last year reference a mysterious woman named Uyen T Nguyen.

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Litigators Are Watching the Kleiman v. Wright Lawsuit With Great Interest

The Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit, otherwise known as the Southern District Court of Florida case 9:18-cv-80176, is one of the 10 most watched legal cases in the state of Florida. This is because the story possibly contains information on one of the most intriguing mysteries in the cryptosphere. The lawsuit started on Feb. 14, 2018, and revolves around allegations that the 47-year old Craig Wright helped create Bitcoin with the South Florida computer security expert David Kleiman (now deceased). But the plaintiffs (the Kleiman family) accuse Wright of defrauding Kleiman’s inheritance. “[Wright] instituted an elaborate scheme to assert dominion over Dave’s and W&K’s bitcoin and intellectual property,” the plaintiff’s statements from case 9:18-cv-80176 allege.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair' reported on the recent discovery transcript which describes how the Kleiman estate and Boies Schiller Flexner attorney Devin Freedman explained that the Satoshi Nakamoto story is “relevant” to the proceedings. The discovery also noted that Wright was to be deposed under oath on April 4 and Ira Kleiman would also be deposed on April 8. The discovery transcript further detailed how the Kleiman estate had thousands of documents belonging to David Kleiman and on April 2 the family produced 2,136 documents.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair'

The Case of the Mysterious Young Lady Uyen T Nguyen

Throughout many of the documents produced in the past, and recently submitted over the last 30 days, shows there was a complicated relationship between Wright and Kleiman during Bitcoin’s earliest years. Moreover, the two were involved in a long string of companies together like W&K Info Defense Research, Co1n Ltd., and a few others. Further, Kleiman and Wright allegedly signed a trust together called the Tulip Trust and supposedly this binding agreement sits in Seychelles holding roughly 1 million BTC. Throughout the mess of documents submitted by Kleiman’s counsel and the swathe of filed evidence, one particular name is mentioned throughout: Uyen T Nguyen. According to queried data, Nguyen is a 26-year old Vietnamese woman who is referred to as “the director” of some of Kleiman and Wright’s firms. In other documents, she’s mentioned as the duo’s secretary and some believe Nguyen may be the third or fourth participant to the Satoshi Nakamoto group theory.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair'

Looking for information about Uyen T Nguyen is extremely difficult, but she allegedly made an appearance just before Wright deleted his old Twitter account during the first week of May 2016 after the Gavin Andresen incident. A few old tweets and Reddit posts mention that the well known cryptocurrency advocate known as ‘Bitcoin Belle’ shared information about the young woman that week. According to the posts, Belle had disliked Nguyen and seemed to know a lot more than most people at the time. Since then, however, all of Belle’s tweets talking about Wright have been scrubbed from the web. Nguyen and her signature can be seen in a ton of the documents recently submitted to the court and one specific document called Exhibit 11 shows that Nguyen supposedly lent Wright 650,000 BTC in exchange for a mortgage. However, security experts Wizsec published research which declares the BTC addresses named in that specific document were really owned by random Mt. Gox users and also the exchange’s cold storage wallet. In fact, Wizsec states that all of the documents submitted to the court with unique addresses most likely did not belong to Wright, Kleiman, or Nguyen.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair'

Both Wright and Nguyen did have trading accounts at Mt. Gox though. Wright’s Mt. Gox account was registered in April 2013 and Nguyen’s account was registered later that year. According to Wizsec, Wright had sent thousands of dollars worth of BTC to Nguyen in 2013 and the security experts state that all the BTC deposits sent to Nguyen stemmed from Wright’s account. Wizsec’s report also details that the addresses submitted in the Kleiman v. Wright lawsuit only have one thing in common: “At some point [they] held significant amounts of bitcoin in them.”

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged ‘Satoshi Affair’
According to these archived tweets, Uyen T Nguyen was in control of Craig Wright’s account back in 2015 and May 2016.

‘Appeal to Authority: a Failure of Trust’

Another so-called sighting of the mysterious woman who allegedly had strong ties to Klieman and Wright is in a video filmed on July 10, 2014 at the first Bitcoin conference held in Melbourne, Australia. The conference took place well before Wright came out claiming he was Satoshi and at the nine-minute mark on the video, Wright is asked about Australia specifically.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair'

After the question, Wright grins and explains that Australia was home to something much bigger in regard to the Bitcoin ecosystem in general. However, Wright is immediately cut off by a female assistant who tells him that it wasn’t the right time to discuss what he was referring to and she forcefully answers the question for Wright in the end. Nguyen is allegedly American born and lived in a quiet suburb of Los Angeles for quite some time. During her known online appearances in the Bitcoin Belle tweets during the first week of May, Nguyen also allegedly deleted her Facebook profile and other online accounts that week. However, according to armchair sleuths, before deleting the profile Nguyen posted this document to her Facebook account on March 31.

Uyen T Nguyen: The Powerful Young Woman Behind the Alleged 'Satoshi Affair'

It’s currently unclear what role Uyen T Nguyen will play going forward in the high profile Florida court case involving a million bitcoin. But Nguyen may be subpoenaed just like the early Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik in the next few weeks and she may have to answer questions concerning her name in countless documents featuring both Kleiman and Wright.

Her role was obviously important as Nguyen is listed as W&K Info’s formal agent and she also had the power to disband the firm 18 months later. The three individuals (Wright, Kleiman, and Nguyen) are named in many corporate histories online tied to firms called “Design By Human Ltd” and “Moving Forward in Business Limited.” The estate of Dave Kleiman and his documents may dig deeper into the relationship between the 26-year old woman and Wright. Kleiman’s legal counsel believes the Satoshi information, the so-called reveal and alleged partnerships are pertinent in regard to this legal matter. Last year, the publication Arstechnica sent a letter to Nguyen’s known address in an attempt to reach her but they never received a response.

What do you think about the mysterious woman named in many of the documents belonging to David Kleiman and his businesses? Do you think this court case will reveal anything concerning the Satoshi Nakamoto mystery? Let us know in the comments section below.

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