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After a slew of new applications released over the last six months, on Oct. 24 the software developer Unwriter published another platform for the BCH ecosystem called Bitsocket; a real-time application program interface (API) for Bitcoin Cash. Essentially Bitsocket compliments Unwriter’s Bitdb ‘pull’ based API with a ‘push’ based infrastructure for transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network.

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Unwriter Publishes a Bitcoin Cash Transaction Push API Called Bitsocket

The developer Unwriter recently created a new application called Bitsocket, push notification infrastructure that can be integrated with real-time based Bitcoin Cash (BCH) applications. Unwriter explains in a blog post written on, that even though Bitcoin has been around for almost 10 years developers couldn’t properly process, filter, and listen to transaction data in real-time. With Bitsocket coupled with Unwriter’s Bitquery, the protocol provides developers with this resource.

“Bitsocket lets you subscribe to any pattern of real-time bitcoin transactions through Bitquery to build real-time bitcoin event-driven apps,” Unwriter’s Bitsocket documentation details.

The programmer shows an example of a filter that listens to the transactions in real-time and how Bitsocket reconstructs the data into a digestible API format. However, Unwriter explains that a raw stream is “boring” and displays how much more robust the application can become when using Bitquery. Similarly to the raw linear bitcoin transaction format Bitdb 2.0 processes, Bitsocket does the same for incoming transactions in real-time. So instead of storing the data in the Mongo database, the platform runs a real-time in-memory filter and organizes the functions into an application specific event.

Unwriter states:  

Each transformed event from the previous step is pushed to the corresponding application via SSE (Server-Sent Events) — The apps can be anything from a mobile app to a web app to a server-side app to a hardware device.

Unwriter Launches 'Bitsocket' — A Push API for the Bitcoin Cash Network
Unwriter listening to a query for all incoming transactions to a specific address, then sending 0.001BCH to the address using Electron Cash, and Bitsocket instantly pushing the filtered transaction in real-time.

Applying Bitsocket to Real-Time BCH Applications

Following Unwriter’s product release, a developer by the name of ‘Paool’ used the Bitsocket platform to create a program called ‘React,’ a real-time BCH ‘watch address’ notifier. The open source React component is basically for watching transactions tied to a specified address. This allows users who deploy the program the ability to get live notifications for any bitcoin cash address. Paool says that the next thing to do is add callback support to the push notification protocol.

Unwriter Launches 'Bitsocket' — A Push API for the Bitcoin Cash Network
Paool’s ‘React’ push notifications is powered by Bitsocket’s API.

Unwriter has also used Bitsocket to create an application called ‘Memobutton,’ a platform that allows a user to post to the BCH-based social media platform using the Money Button. The developer says on Twitter that Memobutton can now be used in real-time due to being tethered to Bitsocket. Unwriter tested the Memobutton platform on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and the feed updates in real-time within all the browsers. Bitsocket is one of many Unwriter-created protocols as the prolific BCH developer has created a ton of Bitcoin Cash applications over the last few months.    

What do you think about Unwriter’s Bitsocket application? Let us know what you think about this project in the comments section below.

Images via Bitsocket, Twitter, Paool, Github, and Unwriter. 

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