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The Gitcash project has re-launched this week after taking a brief hiatus following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. After returning, the Github tipping application has released a new splitting application for pre-fork bitcoin cash and this past ‘Tipping Tuesday’ the Gitcash crew “made it rain” BCH on unsuspecting Github projects.

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Gitcash Returns to the BCH Community With a Splitting Tool

Tipping App Gitcash Returns With Plans to 'Make It Rain' BCH on GithubIn June, reported on the platform, an application that enables bitcoin cash (BCH) tipping natively on the Github software development website. After the BCH fork that resulted in a blockchain split, the application took a brief pause, just like other bitcoin cash services at that time. At that point in time, the Gitcash team gave a shout out to BCH infrastructure providers on Nov. 19 who were suffering as a result of “this stupid fork.” Then on Monday, Dec. 14, Gitcash creators announced they were resuming operations and released a new coin-splitting tool for users who wish to separate their BCH and BSV.

“Forkin’ blues got ya down? Us too, but then we re-launched with a bunch of sweet new features, and here’s one now — Deposit the pre-fork coins that you haven’t gotten around to splitting and Gitcash will do it for you,” explained the team’s developers after publishing a video demonstration of the new tool.

Tipping App Gitcash Returns With Plans to 'Make It Rain' BCH on Github

Gitcash Leaderboards and ‘Making it Rain’

The following day, in honor of ‘Tipping Tuesday,’ the Gitcash team said they planned on “making it rain BCH on some unsuspecting Github projects.” Additionally, the project published another video on how to use the new ‘explore’ page on Gitcash, in order to find and tip certain Github repositories. The video also demonstrates how repository owners can claim their bitcoin cash. “This feature was created to allow Gitcash users to financially support specific projects while giving the owner a way to disperse the funds amongst the project’s contributors,” the video description details.

In order to use the Gitcash application, users simply log in with their Github account and there are no separate passwords involved. Gitcash account funding can also be done with any BCH wallet or imported private keys. The project has a leaderboard showing statistics like the Gitcash application’s top earners. At the moment the most tipped users on Github include ‘Maplesyrupsucker,’ ‘Seanwarman,’ and ‘Cgcardona.’

Tipping App Gitcash Returns With Plans to 'Make It Rain' BCH on Github

Spreading Bitcoin Cash Adoption

On Thursday, Dec. 13, the Gitcash crew thanked a user for “identifying a pesky bug” for the team and told the platform’s Twitter followers to check out the user’s remote mining tool. The Github user’s project is called a Full Cycle Mining Controller, which is a workflow message bus microservice architecture for bitcoin mining. This type of open source community support is what the Gitcash project is all about, and its main objective is to spread BCH adoption. The developers have emphasized that the Gitcash software is free and the team covers operational expenses by donations from the community. “This service only exists to spread the use of bitcoin cash and motivate others to be inspired by it as we’ve been,” the Gitcash website declares.

What do you think about the Gitcash team re-launching the Github tipping platform this week? Let us know in the comments section below.

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