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Ryan X Charles, the founder of, has been talking a lot about a new bitcoin cash-powered tipping plugin for websites called Money Button. According to Charles, the Money Button software is almost complete and the developer plans to launch the tipping button for websites soon. On September 6 the software programmer showed a preview of the new Money Button website prior to launch, showing how the button works and how people can send BCH tips in an effortless manner.

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Ryan X Charles Shows a Preview of the Money Button

Tip Bitcoin Cash Effortlessly on the Web With the Money Button The developer Ryan X Charles is the creator of a BCH-infused social media blogging platform. Over the last few months, the programmer has been introducing a new tipping plugin for the internet called the Money Button. When users visit the website they can read or create posts about any subject and the platform’s participants can tip content creators using bitcoin cash. There are a few ways the social media application allows people to send funds to the author of a story in BCH. Or they can use a much quicker method by utilizing the website’s Money Button and send a person a fixed amount of BCH instantly. This week Charles has published a preview video of the Money Button standalone plugin for websites that will allow anyone to add a BCH tipping button to their website. Tip Bitcoin Cash Effortlessly on the Web With the Money Button Charles released a beta testing version of the Money Button weeks ago so people can test the application’s features such as an easy-to-integrate API for apps and publications. There’s also zero confirmation support as well for instant transactions. Website owners and content creators can test the Money Button today using the early prototype release at the user’s discretion, but the platform will officially launch its production version very soon. Tip Bitcoin Cash Effortlessly on the Web With the Money Button The platform is basically a configurable client-side Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet in an iframe, explains the app’s creator. Simply adding a valid BCH address to the Money Button is all it takes to receive funds. After filling in all the details to make a customized Money Button, the site owner just copies and pastes the code so it can be added it to their website.

A Mainstream Accessibility Layer for the Blockchain

Money Button is free for small publishers and apps, Charles explains, and larger publishers and platforms will be charged a monthly fee based on traffic or a percentage of transactions. Because the Bitcoin Cash network transaction fee is typically around $0.003 or a third of a US penny per transaction, using the Money Button for microtransactions is ideal. However, the app can be used for much larger payments as well, and with Money Button the user can set the conversion rate to any local currency. Tip Bitcoin Cash Effortlessly on the Web With the Money Button “[The Money Button] can be used in any kind of app, such as social networks or games, and it can be used for payments of any size, from one cent to millions of dollars,” explains the team back when they announced the project.  

The Money Button is effectively an accessibility layer for the blockchain — We’re making possible for a mainstream audience to access the revolutionary properties of the blockchain.

During the video, Charles details that the entire website and UI/UX was refined by the Aerolab development team, and the developers have a few more kinks to iron out before Money Button launches. So far the app’s beta prototype was used by a few businesses and websites but the latest preview looks like the app has a whole new look and feel. Charles says the development team has put a lot of work into this project and for the end user sending a tip “should be as easy as clicking the Facebook Like button.”

What do you think about the Money Button? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, and Boney Button, and Youtube.  

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