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Spending during the holiday season should be easy but borders, physical and financial, often complicate matters. A world currency that can travel with you and is widely accepted sounds like a good idea. Among cryptocurrencies, bitcoin cash is an ideal candidate, with its low fees and instant transactions. New opportunities to spend, buy and sell BCH are emerging around the world all the time.

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Europe’s Slovenia Leads in BCH Adoption

Bitcoin cash is a currency that facilitates payments and businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, are increasingly realizing its potential to do that. recently dispensed advice on how to travel the world with bitcoin cash. Now we’d like to follow up with information on what you can do with your coins once you reach your destination.

BCH adoption is growing globally but some places in particular deserve to be highlighted. Slovenia is a small picturesque country in South Eastern Europe which has over 300 merchants accepting BCH. Europe as a whole has 446, according to the Marco Coino app. Other notable examples include Australia, with more than 140, the U.S. with almost 120, and Japan where around 70 businesses take BCH.

These Tourist Destinations Welcome Bitcoin Cash Enthusiasts

Many renowned destinations will offer BCH users plenty of opportunities to spend their cryptocurrency. If you travel to Los Angeles, for example, you can lunch at Fresh Brothers Pizza which accepts bitcoin cash. One of the chain’s restaurants is located pretty close to LAX. And if you visit Hollywood, you can have a haircut at the Native LA Barbers shop and also pay with bitcoin cash. Currently, the State of California has over 30 locations where BCH is accepted.

The Northeast is another part of the U.S. where bitcoin cash can buy you goods and services. New Hampshire is an absolute champion with 16 companies accepting the cryptocurrency. New York has at least 7 businesses open to BCH payments. According to, you can dine in a La Sirene seafood restaurant in Manhattan or get a coffee at the Mamacha Art Café paying with coins.

Bitcoin Cash ATMs at Niagara Falls and in Las Vegas

If you need to buy or sell bitcoin cash, numerous ATMs across North America support the crypto. According to Coinatmradar’s BCH Map, their number exceeds 1,350. For instance, two of them are located close to the Niagara Falls between the Canadian province of Ontario and upstate New York. And if you decide to spend some time and money in Las Vegas, on the other end of the continent, you’ll find over 40 BATMs selling BCH. The majority are two-way devices and will also buy your digital coins in case you need some fiat cash for the casinos.

These Tourist Destinations Welcome Bitcoin Cash Enthusiasts

In South America, Venezuela is by far the biggest bitcoin cash adopter. The Marco Coino map shows over 190 businesses accepting BCH there. Under normal circumstances, the country could be a very attractive tourist destination. However, crypto adoption in the past couple of years has been driven largely by severe economic and political crisis combined with record depreciation of the Venezuelan fiat currency, the bolivar. Over 30 companies in neighboring Colombia also welcome bitcoin cash payments. Unlike Venezuela, Colombia has many teller machines supporting BCH.

Europe is a pronounced leader in terms of bitcoin cash adoption. Beside Slovenia, where the vast majority of businesses accepting BCH are based, there’s the United Kingdom, which is home to 21 companies that take bitcoin cash, most of which are concentrated in and around London. Some of them, such as Westland Coffee & Wine and Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes Bar, are situated in the very heart of the British capital. There are also 18 BCH ATMs in London.

Lithuania is another country catering to BCH users. The small European nation hosts around 30 firms accepting electronic cash. Most of them are located in or close to the capital Vilnius. In general, crypto payments have been spreading rapidly across the Baltic region in the past few years. Businesses from multiple sectors, including real estate, online commerce, the hospitality industry, and even healthcare, are now billing products and services in digital coins. There are several bitcoin cash ATMs in neighboring Latvia and Estonia.

Spain, which gathers many tourists during all seasons, has 13 bars, restaurants and shops accepting BCH just in Barcelona, capital of Catalonia which is one of its most developed regions. Other businesses that work with the popular cryptocurrency are located in Zaragoza, Valladolid, Gibraltar and elsewhere. The country also has 15 BCH trading ATMs, one of which is in Madrid and another one on the Canary island of Tenerife.

BCH, From Gibraltar to Jerusalem

A great number of cruise tours are organized each summer in the Mediterranean. There are bitcoin cash accepting businesses in Gibraltar, close to the Spanish city of Alicante, the Tunisian capital Tunis, and in Israel. You’ll find bitcoin cash ATMs in Palma de Mallorca, Palermo and Napoli in Italy, and close to the Old City of Jerusalem. There’s also a BCH trading teller machine in Jeddah, not far from the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia which like Jerusalem attracts millions of pilgrims every year.

These Tourist Destinations Welcome Bitcoin Cash Enthusiasts

Africa has been relatively slow to adopt cryptocurrencies for various reasons, but the South Africa can qualify as an exception. At least three companies in the area of Johannesburg, the largest city, accept payments in bitcoin cash and another one is based in Durban. Uganda, which is also considered to be a crypto-friendly nation, has a bitcoin ATM that supports BCH in its capital Kampala, close to Lake Victoria, the largest African lake and a place that’s worth visiting.

If you travel to Southeast Asia, you’ll find numerous places to spend your bitcoin cash. These include bars, restaurants and other businesses in the Thai capital Bangkok and in Singapore. Hong Kong has at least four companies taking BCH but further north, Japan is the pronounced leader with almost 70 businesses accepting payments in bitcoin cash. Most of them are in the capital Tokyo and in Osaka, which is the second largest metropolitan area in the county. Many ATMs across the region support purchases and sales of bitcoin cash, with the highest number in Malaysia that has nine devices, four of which have been installed in Kuala Lumpur.

Have you spent bitcoin cash while on a vacation? Share you experiences in the comments section below.

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