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Digital assets have become very valuable over the last few years, spawning a string of devices that protect cryptocurrencies from malware and mishandling. Now there’s a company called Guns N’ Bitcoin that offers a durable case called the Scorpion that holds not only a hardware wallet, but also three types of full to compact pistols and magazines for the gun. Guns N’ Bitcoin believes crypto enthusiasts should guard their “pocket-sized Swiss bank accounts” with a case that can protect people’s assets from the elements as well as physical attacks.

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Its a Jungle out There and Guns N’ Bitcoin Wants to Keep Your Crypto Safe

There’s a startup that believes people should protect their digital assets with a case that holds your firearm and your hardware wallet all in one place. Guns N’ Bitcoin has developed a case called the Scorpion that claims to do just that. It offers protection from unauthorized physical access alongside fire, water, compression and damage from dirt. The Scorpion’s manufacturers declare that the case forms a rugged compartment that’s waterproof, impact proof, dust proof, vibration proof, and can be immersed in water to 1 meter depth. The case can be purchased for $124 with additional accessories like an adjustable case lock.

The Scorpion compartment can carry a variety of the popular hardware wallets on the market today, as well as a folding pocket knife. Guns N’ Bitcoin’s case also can fit subcompact, compact, and standard size pistols inside. Moreover, the company says the case can house an array of hardware wallet cords and 2-3 magazine clips for the hand pistol.

“Adding a PIN and/or passphrase to you wallets makes it harder for a thief to steal your funds — As does using multi-sig transactions — But some wallets can still be hacked if an attacker can gain physical access,” explains the Guns N’ Bitcoin website. The startup’s message continues:

Even more frightening, a criminal can break into your house and demand you provide the passphrase or perform the multi-sig transactions so that he may steal your bitcoin, and will kill you or your family if you don’t comply. Having a gun next to your wallet increases your chances of defeating a violent attacker.

The Guns N’ Bitcoin Scorpion Case Holds Your Shooter and Your Satoshis

Is It a Good Idea to Keep Your Firearm and Crypto Together?

For another $26, Scorpion buyers can purchase a cable lock to ensure the gun and hardware wallet stays put. Essentially you thread the cable lock through the case padlock holes and around the case to prevent opening and can loop the cable around an immovable object. Guns N’ Bitcoin is a registered trademark of Piha LLC., a firm that “creates gear, clothing, and accessories for the vanguard.”

The Guns N’ Bitcoin Scorpion Case Holds Your Shooter and Your Satoshis

The Scorpion case is an interesting concept, but not an entirely new idea. There are plenty of manufactured compartments on the market that are made to house precious metals and firearms in a similar manner. Cases like these do have criticism surrounding them as some people don’t like the idea of keeping a gun and bitcoin all in one place. Guns N’ Bitcoin, however, disagrees and responded to critics this week who believe the case seems like an ‘all your eggs in one basket’ situation.

“If someone invades your home, they are already there to steal your assets, and perhaps specifically, your bitcoin — Your best strategy is to be armed and ready,” Guns N’ Bitcoin insisted.

What do you think about the Scorpion case? Do you think it’s a good strategy to store your firearm and cryptocurrencies all in one place? Or do you agree with Guns N’ Bitcoin that it’s better to be armed? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, and Guns N’ Bitcoin.

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