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After the successful ‘Satoshi’s Vision Conference’ held in San Francisco in 2016, and last year’s ‘The Future of Bitcoin’ event in Arnhem, the Bitcoin Unlimited team is hosting another conference this year in Tokyo, Japan. Satoshi’s Vision Conference Tokyo will be held on March 23-25 and aims to bring cryptocurrency luminaries, the brightest developers, business executives, and proponents of this emerging technology together for three days of discussions and networking.

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Bringing Satoshi’s Vision to Reality

The 2018 Satoshi's Vision Conference Heads to JapanThis March in Tokyo a vast swathe of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers and enthusiasts will attend the latest Satoshi’s Vision Conference. The three-day event will focus on improving the growing BCH ecosystem, on-chain scaling, and groundbreaking research. For instance earlier this year the Bitcoin Unlimited team has been researching and testing 1GB block sizes, and BCH supporters have dedicated resources to studying terabyte block sizes as well. Bitcoin Unlimited’s Antony Zegers explains that Satoshi’s Vision Conference Tokyo will host many of the movers and shakers who bolster the thriving digital asset economy.  

“The speakers and attendees at this conference are thinkers and doers — Not only is their work groundbreaking and innovative, but it is also directed towards an important goal: building the future of money,” Zegers explains.   

By working to create sound money the whole world can use, we will bring Satoshi’s Vision to reality.       

Making Bitcoin Cash the Best Money the World Has Ever Seen

The event held in Tokyo will have a large variety of speakers including Bitcoin Unlimited’s Peter Rizun and Andrew Stone, CEO Roger Ver, CEO Ryan X. Charles, Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Sechet, Chris Pacia of OpenBazaar, Josh Ellithorpe Senior Engineer of Coinbase, Cornell University’s Emin Gun Sirer, and the Chief Scientist at Nchain Dr. Craig Wright.

The 2018 Satoshi's Vision Conference Heads to Japan

Attendees will discuss massive on-chain scaling technologies like various block size changes and different types of transaction throughput improvements. Pre-consensus techniques for improving rapid payments, advanced scripting capabilities, colored coins, economics, game theory, and much more are also on the agenda. One notable theme will be the focus on the bitcoin cash blockchain, and the bolstering of its decentralized features. Satoshi’s Vision participants will discuss how BCH adoption can be accelerated and how to maintain constant growth.

“Together we will make bitcoin cash the best money the world has ever seen,” the Satoshi’s Vision website states.

This year’s Bitcoin Unlimited event will take place at the TKP Gardencity Takebashi in the beautiful Chiyoda district in Japan, next to the Imperial Palace Gardens. The region is often called the “political center” of Japan, and many government agencies are located within the area. Organizers of the Satoshi’s Vision event are thrilled to continue pushing innovative cryptocurrency technologies and free-market economics.

Will you be attending any cryptocurrency related conferences in 2018? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images via the Satoshi’s Vision Conference Tokyo.

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