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The Southern District Court of Florida case, Kleiman v. Wright, continues to be one of the 10 most monitored court dockets in the state. On April 28, the Kleiman estate’s legal team responded to Wright’s most recent motion to dismiss the case by claiming that Wright submitted a forgery as evidence and allege the fraudulent imitation was created one year after David Kleiman’s death.

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Kleiman Estate Believes Wright Took Over $11 Billion Worth of Bitcoins and Intellectual Property

The Kleiman v. Wright case continues in Florida this week as Craig Wright’s legal team recently attempted a motion to dismiss the case after Ira Kleiman’s recent deposition. The notorious case was filed by the Kleiman family in February 2018 because they believe the now deceased David Kleiman lost his bitcoin inheritance due to manipulative acts allegedly committed by Wright. The Kleiman estate thinks David may have been one of the creators of Bitcoin, and of course, Wright is already well known for claiming to be Satoshi. According to the Kleiman estate’s legal team, the case was initiated because of “Craig’s theft of over $11 billion worth of bitcoins and intellectual property from the estate of Dave Kleiman and W&K shortly after Dave’s 2013 death.” The plaintiffs believe W&K Info Defense Research was a Florida LLC founded by Dave in February 2011.

Self-Styled Satoshi Accused of PGP Forgery in Kleiman vs Wright Lawsuit
The Reddit user Contrarian’s evidence against the signed email that was submitted to the court and then retracted.

There was also an exhibit recently submitted as evidence that alleged David Kleiman had made Uyen Nguyen a director of W&K. However, on the Reddit forum r/cryptocurrency, a user claimed that the email exhibit was likely forged and the person gave step by step instructions on how he figured out the PGP signature was from 2014 and not 2012. The controversial Reddit user known as ‘Contrarian,’ who theorized the presumed fake key used in the exhibit, said the “same pref-hash-algos as Craig’s fake keys and were never updated.” Of course, the information about the purported PGP fakery spread like wildfire on the web and the “I am Satoshi Nakamoto” story didn’t add up for Wright once again. The document was also withdrawn from the court and the defense team detailed Wright “cannot verify the date of that email exchange.” Now Kleiman’s legal team has responded to Wright’s motion and stated:

Craig has lied to this court every single time he’s tried to dismiss this case — This motion is no exception.

Self-Styled Satoshi Accused of PGP Forgery in Kleiman vs Wright Lawsuit

‘Proclivity for Lying’

The Kleimans’ legal team insisted that Wright submitted false testimony claiming he had no relationship with W&K but then was “caught in a lie.” They also observed that Wright said he didn’t have any documents from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) but then claimed he had many documents from the ATO investigation in his possession. Then the plaintiff’s lawyers asserted that Wright’s latest motion to dismiss “demonstrates that his proclivity for lying to the court has no bounds.” The Kleimans want the judge to deny the dismissal due to an email that ostensibly shows Dave appointing Uyen Nguyen as a director of W&K. “Craig forged this fraudulent email a year after Dave’s death in an effort to facilitate his theft of W&K’s property,” the Kleiman’s attorney stressed. The lawyers continued:

[Wright’s] exhibit is a forgery he created a year after Dave’s death and which he only withdrew in the face of massive public condemnation for submitting fraudulent documents to this court.

Self-Styled Satoshi Accused of PGP Forgery in Kleiman vs Wright Lawsuit
Exhibits submitted to the court showing the alleged PGP forgery.

Re-Deposing Wright on His Involvement With W&K Info Defense Research

The court filing submitted by the plaintiffs points out that the email’s PGP signature included a signing timestamp along with the ID of the key used as metadata but the email was not sent in 2012 but one year after Dave’s death. According to the attorneys, Wright emailed a draft of the forgery to himself six minutes before sending the final draft in question. “Notably, the forgery-in-progress wasn’t yet complete – it was missing the critical fields stating that the email came ‘From: Dave Kleiman [sic],” went “To: Uyen,’” the filing noted. After a “flurry” of public analysis, the plaintiffs retained Dr. Matthew J. Edman, an “expert in cryptography, bitcoin, and PGP software” to look at the email and he confirmed the signing was from March 12, 2014.

The latest response from the Kleiman legal team has argued that Wright has manipulated evidence and they submitted 11 exhibits in response. The Kleimans have also introduced a memorandum in support of re-deposing Wright on his involvement with W&K Info Defense Research. Besides the latest response with accusations of PGP forgery, the plaintiffs also want to depose his former and current wife on the matter of the pleadings by Ira Kleiman, David’s brother.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Court Listener, Reddit, r/cryptocurrency, and Pixabay.

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