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This week the RSK Labs development team launched a new service that provides programmers with a variety of tools to build decentralized applications. According to RSK, the ‘Dapp’ platform will provide developers with a great deal of infrastructure services all in one place.

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RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Service

RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure ServiceThe Rootstock (RSK) project is a Turing-complete smart contract sidechain that is pegged 1-1 to BTC. Additionally, the RSK platform’s virtual machine (VM) is backward compatible with the Ethereum VM which adds even more depth to the system. Back in February, reported on RSK mining its genesis block which initiated the launch of the RSK ecosystem. This past spring, at the Consensus event in New York, RSK Labs co-founder Gabriel Kurman revealed that the sidechain was now secured by 1 in 10 BTC miners. Furthermore, there’s been a few walkthroughs and step-by-step guides on how developers can build smart contracts using the RSK network.

Now RSK Labs has launched a public infrastructure service that enables decentralized application (Dapp) creations without the infrastructure installation process. Essentially programmers won’t need to install specific infrastructure components so they build Dapps on the RSK network on-demand.

“We are excited to avail this service to let the Dapp developers focus on their solutions while we have their back on a reliable and scalable infrastructure that they do not need to install anymore,” Adrian Eidelman, RSK’s CTO details during the Dapp service announcement.

RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure Service

Dapp Infrastructure Without Tedious Installation, Jaxx Integration, and Bamboo Version 0.4.4

The full implementation of the RSK Dapp infrastructure is available on Github and there are two public nodes for testing — Testnet and mainnet. The nodes support 26 JSON remote procedure call (RPC) methods. If a programmer doesn’t want to use the public developer service they can still install, compile and run their own RSK node.

RSK Labs Launches Decentralized App Infrastructure Service
Jaxx wallet users can store, send and receive RSK network smart bitcoins (SBTC).

There’s been a lot of development happening with RSK Labs and the sidechain seems to be moving along after a long three-year wait prior to the initial launch. Further, the RSK token called ‘smart bitcoin (SBTC)’ also has wallet framework from a third party through a partnership with Jaxx users can store, send, and receive the RSK network’s SBTC using the light client.  

“It speaks volumes that RSK has chosen the Jaxx platform as the first to integrate with — Proponents of the RSK vision believe this is a key step towards keeping the world’s biggest cryptocurrency competitive with the platform that pioneered smart contracts, or self-executing code,” explains Anthony Diiorio, the founder of

With the latest Dapp infrastructure service launch, RSK developers can now use those SBTCs to help with their platform builds. The service also follows the RSK Bamboo release v0.4.4 which adds improvements like reduced block processing and blockchain synchronization times.

What do you think about the latest RSK Labs Dapp infrastructure service? Let us know what you think about the RSK sidechain in the comment section below.

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