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A new startup called Revealer is on a mission to create sound backup solutions for cryptocurrency mnemonic phrases and seeds. Just recently the company launched its first product dubbed ‘Revealer Zero’ – a small card system that visually encrypts and decrypts digital currency seed phrases or any alpha-numerical secret.

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Revealer Zero Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

Revealer Zero is a new product created by Tiago Romagnani Silveira that allows users to print and store cryptocurrency backups in a visually encrypted manner. The secret can be decrypted optically “without a computer or any special knowledge,” explains the company. Basically, each Revealer has a unique code with 128 bits of entropy encoded in hex format, while the last three digits represent a checksum. Entropy is the ‘randomness’ found in a computer’s operating system which is utilized in many types of computational cryptography like creating public and private key pairs.    

“The version number indicates the dimension of the revealer, the 128 bits of entropy are used as random seed to generate the noise that is encoded on the card — The checksum offers some protection against a typing mistake,” explains the company’s website.

Revealer Card Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

Decrypt the Secrets Without a Computer

Essentially the product offers a deep cold, two factor backup for any random alpha-numerical secret or cryptocurrency seed. Revealer is a one-time pad that offers 128 bits of entropy that’s based on a cryptographic scheme developed by the well-known cryptographers Moni Shamir and Adi Naor. The user simply uses the platform’s encryption dialogue box to encrypt a cryptocurrency seed with the ‘randomness’ derived from the host computer. Then the program visually obfuscates the secret with cryptographic scheme called ‘noise’ which can then be printed. The seed or special secret can be decrypted with the Revealer card and the protocol will also be able to be used with an Electrum Wallet plugin.

Revealer Card Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

Revealer says ‘aezeeds’ and ‘BIP 39 seeds’ that use more words, do fit on the cards, but font size is smaller and the software will adjust for character length. The product is a one-time solution meant to be used only once for the most optimal security, but the product does ship with two cards. The Revealer Zero encryption card sets costs €19.90 and the startup’s shop accepts BTC for payments.

Revealer Card Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

Raw Noise

The company also says that the firm’s product allows the user to encode the cards and the startup has virtually no access to the cryptographic paired secrets. In the frequently asked questions section, a question states: “But why should I trust you?”

“You shouldn’t, please don’t — Even if we were malicious, or compromised, we don’t know your secrets,” Revealer emphasizes.  

We send you raw noise, encoded in a card. You generate your secret and encrypt it for the card on your own computer. Ultimately you add noise to your otherwise exposed backup with a Revealer.         

Revealer Zero is an interesting concept for those looking to secure their cryptocurrency-based mnemonic phrases. also recently reported on another product called Safewords; a distributed backup system that secures digital asset seeds in a unique fashion.

What do you think about the Revealer Zero product? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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