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Purchasing bitcoin ought to be quick and easy, but over the years, encroaching KYC has made that task more complex. Rebiton is a service that cuts through the red tape, making it possible for anyone to buy up to $999 without the need for ID.

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Re-Up on Bitcoin With Rebiton

Purchasing small amounts of BTC shouldn’t require a verification process akin to buying a firearm. Unfortunately, that’s how it’s come to be in many parts of the world, where regulators view cryptocurrency with deep distrust. As a consequence, anyone wishing to acquire bitcoin must consent to deeply invasive know your customer laws which can include scanning identification documents and submitting a selfie as added proof, all of which presents a honeypot for hackers. Rebiton does away with that, enabling anyone to buy BTC without suffering a major privacy loss.

The service facilitates the purchase of bitcoin core with fiat currency using a voucher system. Vouchers are available in various denominations, and can be swapped for BTC instantly, but are valid for up to six months. The next iteration of the service will enable instant bitcoin purchase, without the need for the voucher component.

Rebiton Allows You to Buy Bitcoin and Keep Your Privacy

Compliance Doesn’t Have to Be Cumbersome

Rebiton is incorporated in the EU and fully compliant with AML laws. Thanks to the strict purchase limits, which are capped at $999, the service is able to operate in accordance with all legal requirements without mandating overly intrusive compliance. BTC vouchers can be purchased online by card or bank transfer, as well as in Gera Dovana stores in Lithuania for cash. An email address is all that’s required, and vouchers can be gifted to friends, converted instantly, or held until market conditions seem more favorable for switching to BTC. Rebiton is proof that purchasing cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be complex or convoluted.

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