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The American libertarian and anti-war political activist, Adam Kokesh, is running for the 59th quadrennial U.S. presidential election in 2020. Kokesh says his platform is simple, because as soon as he is elected, he plans to sign one executive order to dissolve the entire federal government. In order to spread his message, Kokesh is raising money to deliver a copy of his 2014 book ‘Freedom!’ in every single residential mailbox in New Orleans right before the Libertarian National Convention.

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The Book Bomb: ‘Dissolving the Federal Government in a Peaceful, Orderly Manner’

Adam Kokesh is running for president of the United States during the 2020 election cycle. In contrast to the variety of bureaucrats running for office who plan to make government bigger, Kokesh intends to end the federal government in its entirety. His platform is a mix between Dr. Ron Paul and Vermin Supreme, two candidates who ran for president during multiple elections. In order to get his message out, Kokesh plans to raise funds ($143,000 USD) to print and deliver copies of his book ‘Freedom!’ to every mailbox in the New Orleans region. Kokesh says he hopes to deliver roughly 205,000 copies just before the Libertarian Party’s National Convention. The promotion called “Operation Big Easy Book Bomb” was announced on March 15.  

Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh Launches Crypto-Fueled 'Book Bomb'

The fundraising will be completely transparent and all funds earned will be documented on Steemit and other platforms. The book will also include a letter describing the Kokesh platform for 2020.  

“The platform is simple — When elected, I will swear in, walk to the White House, and sign one executive order — This executive order will lay out the process for dissolving the federal government in a peaceful, orderly manner,” explains Kokesh.  

With it, I will be resigning as President to become “Custodian of the Federal Government.” The executive order will appoint heads of each federal department, or “Custodians” who will be instructed to carry out a mostly predetermined plan for their departments The only authority that I will retain will be to replace Custodians if they are unable to complete their responsibilities or are not faithfully executing the plan.

Presidential Candidate Adam Kokesh Launches Crypto-Fueled 'Book Bomb'

Fueled by Crypto

Fans of the Kokesh campaign and the upcoming “Book Bomb” can donate using Paypal, but much of the Kokesh electoral funding is “fueled by crypto.” For the Book Bomb fundraising, Kokesh is accepting payments in bitcoin cash, dash, ethereum, bitcoin core, litecoin, and monero. Further, the plan for Kokesh to distribute the books has also been bolstered by organizations such as Steemit, Dash,, and the Libertarian Party.

“When I was in jail for civil disobedience and surrounded by all the great libertarian books that friends had sent me, I realized that we needed one ultimate conversion tool — So I combined all of their best features into one, easy-to-read, 100-page proclamation of ‘Freedom!’,” Kokesh emphasizes.  

The fundraising begins today, and the closing date will be March 25, 2018. Kokesh has added three types of sponsorships for the book drive which includes the ‘Historic Sponsorship’ ($3K or more), Millennial Sponsorship ($700), and the Centennial Sponsorship ($70). All of the funds will go towards the New Orleans ‘Book Bomb’ and any funds not used will be directed towards the next city.

You can read more about “Operation Big Easy Book Bombhere

What do you think about Adam Kokesh running for president of the United States? What do you think about his ‘Book Bomb’ idea? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: is a supporter of the Adam Kokesh ‘Book Bomb’ alongside organizations like,, and the Libertarian Party.

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