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Monarch Blockchain Corporation has updated the Monarch Wallet for Android & iOS with a new user interface, full transaction history support for all tokens, SLP token support, SLP Faucet where users can receive free SLP tokens and their Universal KYC Has Also Been Launched!

Monarch Blockchain Corporation is excited to announce new Monarch Wallet updates for Android and iOS, and the Launch of their Know Your Customer (KYC) 2.0. KYC 2.0, or what they are calling Universal KYC is an updated KYC experience that is web-based and allows users the ability to review available services, highlight application status, and prompt users to resolve any issues that may prevent approval of applications. Users will be able to update their KYC data to be used for future Monarch services. KYC 2.0 proves an essential aspect of realizing Monarch’s new business model. Partners that plug into the Monarch ecosystem will be able to quickly onboard new users who already have their KYC data ready to go.

Robert Beadles, President of Monarch Wallet, “Crypto is confusing for people, with all the various apps, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, services, and companies to choose from we aim to make it easy to access all of our partners from the Monarch Wallet with one KYC and one user login. I think its huge for adoption and the universal KYC for all our partners is live now!”

With this update, Users will now have the ability to store, send, and receive all Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens. The update is exciting as there are very few wallets, let alone universal decentralized crypto wallets that support the Emerging SLP standard protocol built on the BCH blockchain. SLP operates similarly as Ethereum’s ERC20 standard but is on the much faster BCH network. SLP is robust, simple, offers flexible issuance, and is the first and currently only BCH token system to support light wallets. Also, there is a unique faucet feature accessible from the details screen in the Monarch Wallet where users can tap the faucet button, be directed to a site, paste their code and receive free SLP tokens to their Wallet occasionally. The Monarch Wallet has also pinned the Official SLP token as a default currency in their Wallet.

With the new updates to the Wallet also comes a new user interface that makes the app look better on devices and is easier to navigate and use. The update now also brings transaction histories for all currencies supported in the Monarch wallet. Over 1900 cryptocurrencies will now have their wallet transaction histories available in-app, or at the very least have a 3rd party web page that displays the history. The update is a much-welcomed development as before only specific currencies supported full transaction histories.

To take full advantage of these new updates to the Monarch Wallet, download the app at

Monarch is excited for these updates as they are in addition to The Monarch Wallet’s already impressive list of features like having some of the lowest fees for buying and selling BTC & ETH with Fiat, the ability to store, send, and receive over 1900 cryptocurrencies while ensuring users own their keys and seeds. Qualified & approved users can even earn up to 7.1% APR interest on select cryptocurrencies. Users can also make most ERC20 token swaps using the integrated ERC20 Decentralized Exchange, stay up to date with latest crypto news, track their portfolio, and check market prices for their favorite tokens. With these new updates, The Monarch Wallet is one of the, if not the most feature packed, free to download, universal decentralized crypto wallets available on the market.

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