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Monarch is changing the world of Crypto. With a Universal Decentralized Crypto Wallet, The MonarchPay payment solution allowing businesses and individuals the ability to receive BTC & ETH payments and get paid in Fiat, along with the Monarch Marketplace & Motor, Monarch is on track to become the One Platform to Rule Them All.

Monarch Overview:

Monarch combines all your favorite blockchain services in one place. One login, one KYC for all-supported blockchain or crypto services, with access to all supported cryptocurrencies, and access to all supported services. Monarch has partnered and will continue to partner with the top blockchain projects to provide users with the best services in one simple app. Monarch is the must-have App for all users, traders, holders, investors, and merchants.

We stopped reinventing the wheel; we don’t need to create every service ourselves. We embrace all projects that have value. From all the best DEFI services to video games, partners can plug into the Monarch Motor and be powered by our Wallet and Users. Those who do so join the Monarch Blockchain Alliance.

Monarch For Users: Includes decentralized crypto storage/sending/receiving, one login & KYC process, access to the best in crypto services, and just one app to access them all.

Monarch For Merchants: Includes fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, and opens businesses/merchants up to new revenue potential & users.

Monarch For Partners: Includes Monarch Motor integrations, access to Monarch users, partner development services, revenue share, and marketing exposure.

All of which supports Monarch’s Vision to bring the world’s best crypto services and companies to one safe, easy-to-use place, The Monarch Wallet.

What is The Monarch Wallet?

The Monarch Wallet is a blockchain-based Universal Decentralized application, making crypto easy and straightforward to use. The Wallet currently allows storage/sending/receiving of over 1900 cryptocurrencies to include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM), Go-Chain (GO), TrueUSD (TUSD), all ERC20 and SLP Tokens. The Wallet also has an ERC20 Decentralized Exchange, Portfolio Tracker, and Updated Market & News Sections. These are services that everyone can use.

There are gated or limited services only available to those who pass KYC verification with Monarch and their partners. These services are part of the Monarch Marketplace, powered by the Monarch Motor and include a crypto fiat gateway, crypto APR% interest earning and crypto payment invoicing with many more features and services soon to be released. You can learn more about the Monarch wallet by watching the video here:

Applications of Monarch
As a Crypto Wallet, Monarch solves the following problems:

One App, Not Ten: Just one app that includes the best blockchain services along with secure decentralized storage for most if not all your cryptocurrencies & digital assets. There is no more need to have multiples of apps to manage all your cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Limited Capability With Most Crypto Apps: The Monarch Marketplace will feature more services and integrations for the Monarch Wallet while giving users the power, control, and flexibility to choose what services they want to opt-into all from one app, one kyc process, and easy to manage one place.

Expensive Fees: Monarch charges competitive fees for the majority of its services, but if users utilize the Monarch Utility Token (MT), they can reduce these up to 50%, further ensuring some of the lowest fees for popular services like Crypto-to-fiat, fiat-to-crypto, paying bills, sending crypto, exchanging crypto, and more.

What is the Monarch Utility Token (MT)??
MT is an ERC20 token used similarly like the Binance BNB token to lower fees for the majority of services inside the Monarch Wallet/Exchange/Marketplace. It is also the Medium for Monarch MTS dividend distribution.

Monarch is looking to raise a total of 5.5 Million USD during the LATOKEN IEO. They are offering participants a 60% discount until June 23rd, which places the price per MT at just $0.04 per token. Then from June 24th until June 30th the token price will only be discounted by 40%, making the token price $0.06 per token. Normal prices for the token are $0.10. On top of the discounts, LATOKEN is holding a BUY&HOLD competition which allows qualified users the ability to earn up to 10% more tokens.

Monarch’s central team consists of a decentralized group of over 15 people located in America and a few other countries. Advisors include a group of 9 people, including the founder of, Roger Ver, and Co-founder of LinkedIn, Eric Lee.

The IEO for Monarch is now Live; launched June 7th, on the LAToken platform.

Quantity sale: 137,000,000
Price: June 7-23rd, 60% discount from the standard $0.1 ($0.04 USD per token) June 24th – 30th, 40% discount ($0.06 USD per token)
Accept payment: ETH
Q2 2018: MVP: Cold Wallet Storage for BTC + ERC20 Tokens, Portfolio Tracker, Cryptocurrency News, Market Data.
Q4 2018: Continuous Additional Coin Support, Portfolio Tracker – Exchange API Integration.
Q1 2019: Monarch Decentralized Exchange, Fiat Support, Interest-Earning Accounts.
Q2 2019: Token Distribution, Dividend System for Monarch Security Token, Universal KYC, Decentralized Recurring Payments, Bitcoin Cash SLP Integration.
Q3 2019: Exchange Listings, ERC721 Support, Additional Coin Support, Crypto Loans, Merchant Crypto Fiat Support
Q4 2019: Cryptocurrency Tax Form Generator, STO & ICO Platform, Launchpad, Additional Coin Support, Encrypted Calls and Text in-app, Further Partner Integrations, ERC721 Games Integration, Additional Coin Support.
Q1 2020: MONARCH MOTOR: Continued Onboarding and Integration for Major Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. MONARCH MARKETPLACE: Hundreds of Blockchain Products and Services Made Accessible within the Monarch Marketplace.

Learn more about Monarch at their official website:


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