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For the first time, someone is empowering people to learn about cryptocurrencies. Extra Credit, which is a dual effort with Bitcoin Homework, is a new venture that combines blockchain technology with educational programs designed to teach people about cryptocurrencies, even as they partake in the digital payment for perhaps the first time.

Extra Credit is a new website that has laid out an ambitious roadmap for the following year and more that is aimed at revolutionizing the way people learn about cryptocurrencies. For those who might have read in the news recently about the rising value of Bitcoin and the various other digital currencies that are available, they can now visit a one-stop location where all their questions can be answered and they can learn how to invest in the technology so as not to miss out on its stunning potential.

The plans for Extra Credit begin with a presale of their products this month, to be followed by the first full sale of the product. Both during the presale and the official sale, excellent bonuses will be available to all those who come aboard to see what the site is all about. That’s when the educational aspect of this endeavor will kick in, as courses will be offered via a smart contract that only the blockchain could complete, with bonuses automatically being triggered upon the completion of each course offered. These courses are aimed at demystifying cryptocurrencies for newcomers and providing in-depth knowledge for those wishing to really dig deep.

From there, Extra Credit teams up with Bitcoin Homework in the spring of 2018 to include a referral system, where students can earn credit for turning others on to this excellent opportunity, and an educational store, whereby those who wish, can buy the tools they need for an excellent online education using the credit they have amassed in the program. In case anyone thinks that these programs are tailored to any one group of people, a multilingual support system is planned for the second quarter of 2018 so that anyone in the world can take part.

In keeping with the spirit of these competitive times, an Honor Roll and weekly quizzes will also be enabled in the second quarter of 2018, allowing those with excellent achievement to benefit from their efforts. The next step is one of the biggest, as Extra Credit and Bitcoin Homework will be introducing a mobile app, allowing students to learn about cryptocurrencies on their phone or tablet, learning on the go. The end of 2018 brings, even more developments, including the development of an online podcast for further learning, no matter your location, and an innovative Open Source platform, which will open the Extra Credit programs up to any college or educational institution with the foresight to adopt them.

On top of all that, the team at Extra Credit will be seeking out marketing and sponsorship opportunities to further spread the word about their exciting developments. The team wants to stress to potential students that the most benefits and biggest bonuses will be available to those who sign up for the limited amount of credits available at the pre-sale, which is taking place soon.

For more information, visit Extra Credit of Bitcoin Homework, or send them an e-mail at to find out about these amazing opportunities.

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