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The hunt for Satoshi Nakamoto, which has beguiled internet sleuths for years, has taken another bizarre turn. A new website, Got Satoshi, shows a countdown timer to when it will unveil Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator. The reveal will occur in 10 days’ time, when many bitcoiners will be gathered in New York for the annual Consensus summit. Although sure to be little more than a PR stunt with a disappointing reveal, the site has generated significant interest, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the Satoshi myth.

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Where in the World Is Satoshi?

Throughout human history, elusive characters have provoked intense manhunts, from Amelia Earhart to Percy Fawcett. Satoshi Nakamoto is unique, however, in being the first digital outlaw to have the world’s press, sleuths, and hobbyists on his tail. They’ve been chasing Bitcoin’s enigmatic creator for almost a decade now, and they don’t seem to be getting any closer. On May 14, will host the latest unveiling of Satoshi Nakamoto, or at least so it claims.

New Website Promises to Unveil Satoshi Nakamoto in 10 Days

The one-page website is short on detail, with the only text consisting of “Where in the World Is Satoshi?” and “Can’t find Satoshi? Sign up for the live unveiling.” The meta description provides a little more detail though, reading “Inventor, programmer, genius, maverick. Who is Satoshi? And is the world ready to meet him face to face? Follow the clues and watch our live unmasking and be the first to discover Satoshi [sic] next world-changing project.”

Aside from struggling with the English language, unlike Satoshi Nakamoto himself, the creator of Got Satoshi can’t decide whether they’re unveiling a third party as Bitcoin’s founder, or are themselves Satoshi, as the corresponding Twitter account seems to think.

A Clever Viral Marketing Campaign but No Satoshi

The domain was registered in May 2017, but has lain dormant until last month, when an archived snapshot of the site shows it to have been proclaiming Satoshi’s unveiling as 10 days away then. It’s possible that the great reveal will remain forever 10 days away, to frustrate watchers hoping for a thrilling denouement, or the countdown may reach zero only to reveal a new shitcoin, puzzle game, or to hail the efforts of the marketing agency that dreamed up the stunt.

New Website Promises to Unveil Satoshi Nakamoto in 10 Days

One thing that won’t be happening, should the counter reach zero, is Nakamoto being revealed as Craig Wright. The operator of the Got Satoshi account may have delusions of grandeur, but they’re not crazy.

What are your thoughts on – it is just another PR stunt? Let us know in the comments section below.

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