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On Saturday, June 2 a new cryptocurrency wallet focused exclusively on bitcoin cash launched called Cashpay. The beta release is now available for Android and iOS devices but the wallet also offers an interesting feature — Cashpay comes with the ability to purchase anything from any online retailer using bitcoin cash.

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Cashpay: A BCH Exclusive Wallet Focused on Increasing the Use of Bitcoin as Cash

New Cashpay Wallet Allows Purchases With Any Online Retailer Using BCHThe development team from the website have launched a new bitcoin cash (BCH) centric wallet that allows users to purchase anything online using BCH. The beta application Cashpay was released this past weekend and was announced on Twitter and BCH focused Reddit forums. Moreover, the Cashpay platform also allows users to donate to their favorite charity like @eatBCH for example with just a few simple clicks.  

“We’re proud to present Cashpay, a bitcoin cash exclusive wallet focused on increasing the use of bitcoin as cash and supporting community charities,” explains the co-founder of this weekend.

Order Anything — Cashpay enables you to buy anything at any online retailer and pay with Bitcoin Cash powered by the — We also support charities worldwide by giving them a platform to promote their cause. In just a few taps you can donate to a community charity with Cashpay.

New Cashpay Wallet Allows Purchases With Any Online Retailer Using BCH
The wallet’s home screen (Android version).

Cashpay’s Beta Release is Available for Testing on iOS and Android

The Cashpay developers explain they wanted to build an intuitive user interface that is easy for users to transact with BCH. The wallet’s beta version is available for testing and can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. The Cashpay developers have also published a video explaining how to purchase anything online using the BCH-powered wallet. The team details they have some “exciting new features that are currently in the making” and one of them will be a ‘Spend & Replace’ service.

New Cashpay Wallet Allows BCH Purchases With Any Online Retailer

At the moment the developers say that Cashpay is still in its earliest stages (beta) and individuals should not put large amounts of BCH on the wallet. Cashpay explains that for now, people should treat it like any hot wallet but the developer emphasizes, “to be clear, you are the only one who has access to your keys and funds.” At the moment the wallet’s codebase is currently closed source but will be made available in the near future.

What do you think about the new Cashpay wallet? Let us know your thoughts on this product in the comments below.

Images via Jamie Redman, and Cashpay.

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