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On April 27, Electron Cash founder Jonald Fyookball revealed a new milestone for the Cashshuffle protocol when he announced the release of the Cashshuffle JS library. According to Fyookball, the software is a “major step” toward Cashshuffle being implemented into other light wallets.

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Cashshuffle Milestone Unlocked recently reported on the Cashshuffle application getting a lot of traction as the protocol has mixed millions of dollars’ worth of BCH since the Electron Cash launch. Cashshuffle is a BCH shuffling protocol that allows anyone to mix BCH transactions without worrying about funds being stolen. Bitcoin Cash proponents are still mixing away as the community shuffled approximately 2,765 BCH or $729,960 last week. The average shuffle during this period was 2.7 BCH or $713 according to Cashshuffle statistics. On Saturday, Jonald Fyookball, the lead developer of Electron Cash, told the BCH community that the team recently launched a JS library for the protocol, which will help other wallets implement the feature. For instance, developers who work on the Wallet plan to add the Cashshuffle protocol soon.

“Milestone unlocked — Cashshuffle JS library is here,” Fyookball announced on the Reddit forum r/btc. “This was a major, major step toward getting [Cashshuffle] into the wallet.”

More Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash

Fyookball emphasized that the developer dubbed ‘Always Anon’ did most of the Cashshuffle JS library’s “heavy lifting” as far as the code is concerned and the community should thank him. The library is hosted on Github which explains that the software is a Javascript Cashshuffle client for use in front-end web applications and browsers. The new JS library is based on the original Cashshuffle implementation but the developers warn this particular client is an “early alpha release.” The Cashshuffle JS client developers have stated they are looking for feedback, suggestions and noted that pull requests are welcome.

BCH Community Looks Forward to More Cashshuffle Capable Wallets

BCH supporters were thrilled to hear that a Cashshuffle JS library has been released and look forward to seeing the protocol implemented into other wallets. On Redditor wrote: “This is exciting news — Hoping to see this built into more wallets.” Another commenter said he hopes to see the Cashshuffle protocol integrated into the Bchd full node written in Golang so that Neutrino would be “one of the most privacy preserving wallets out there.” When asked if Bchd would be implementing Cashshuffle into the client, project developer Chris Pacia detailed that he didn’t have plans to write the code, but other people were looking into writing a Go client for Cashshuffle.

More Cashshuffle Compatible Wallets Are Coming to Bitcoin Cash

Since the Cashshuffle platform was released on Electron Cash the application has received significant attention. The good news was also followed up with a code assessment by Kudelski Security so the community could be sure the platform was secure. The reason people want more wallets to use the Cashshuffle protocol is because it will bring the tech to more people which in turn will bolster liquidity and BCH fungibility as well. So far only the Electron Cash desktop wallet supports the shuffling program but with the latest JS library release, it seems more clients are on the horizon.

What do you think about the latest Cashshuffle JS library release? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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