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Back in January 2015, Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn launched a BTC-powered crowdfunding application called Lighthouse, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts were very excited about beta version release. Following the launch, Mike Hearn had left the Bitcoin community because he predicted BTC was headed for serious scaling issues, and he was upset with the Core development team’s willingness to compromise. Since then the Lighthouse project was left behind and forgotten, and much like the variety of revived applications coming back to the crypto-ecosystem, the Lighthouse platform is seeing a revival by using Bitcoin Cash.

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A few years ago Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn designed an application that specialized in creating a platform that uses smart contracts to fund projects, and many bitcoiners at the time were looking forward to the project. For instance, the well-known entrepreneur Olivier Janssens donated $40,000 to Hearn’s Lighthouse project. However, since Hearn had left over the scaling dispute, the project was soon forgotten and left to collect dust. Now an anonymous developer, with help from the team at has brought the Lighthouse project back to consciousness.

Mike Hearn's Crowdfunding Project Has Been Resurrected — Meet spoke with Ari from about the project and he told us his team has been helping the anonymous developer become compatible with the Bitcoin Cash network and get a gallery going which was a missing feature when Hearn had left the project.        

“So you can make your project, export it and distribute it yourself, upload it to servers that are made available (we’re making the first one available), and you can get it up on centralized galleries which can help you promote your project to a certain demographic or help you in presenting your project in an attractive manner instead of a file,” explains Ari.

The plan is to actually compete with Kickstarter and Indiegogo so we have a couple of features we’re planning on adding, and will develop to be a gallery. Mike planned for these galleries to pop up and compete so we’re trying to make that happen.

Mike Hearn's Crowdfunding Project Has Been Resurrected — Meet Plans to Launch in a Few Days After Testing is Complete

Right now Ari says the platform is not fully launched just yet but visitors can take a peek at the website. He explains that both and Cashpay have pledged their resources towards helping the anonymous developer in order to get it off the ground. “We’re also setting up Toshi’s Fund which will be used to fund Lighthouse further,” explains Ari.

“We’re getting a few projects together on so everybody can go through all of its current functionality like pledging to a project, making a project, revoking etc., then we’ll put it online I suspect a couple of days — After all the testing is wrapped up,” Ari emphasizes.

The Bitcoin Cash community overall seems pleased with the idea that someone is resuscitating Hearn’s Lighthouse project. So far over the past six months, many projects once designed to work with BTC and left behind have been revived and modified to work with the Bitcoin Cash network.

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