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On May 17 the Akari Global Foundation, an organization that aims to promote the increased adoption of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), launched a payment platform for BCH acceptance called Akari-Pay Advanced. The launch of Akari-Pay reveals a one-file BCH payment/donate page that doesn’t require any coding knowledge to utilize the platform.

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Akari Global Foundation Launches Akari-Pay, a One-File Bitcoin Cash Payment/Donate Page

Meet Akari-Pay: The BCH-Powered Website Payment Platform There have been lots of developments happening throughout the BCH community over the past 48 hours since the last upgrade. Now the Akari Global Foundation is helping push BCH adoption to the masses with its new BCH-based payment gateway. Akari says its mission is to help reduce the world’s economic oppression and increase freedom by leveraging the Bitcoin Cash network. Akari believes BCH offers many benefits most other cryptocurrencies cannot such as micropayments, low network fees, immutability, near instant settlement, and no chargebacks. The latest payment platform called Akari-Pay makes it easy for anyone to accept BCH payments or donations with a simple platform that doesn’t require a bunch of technical knowledge.

“‘Akari-Pay Advanced’ for Bitcoin Cash, an extension of akaripay, has now been released,” explains the Akari Global Foundation.

Raise funds for any project or goal using Bitcoin Cash — Simply self-host your donation page on your website — Easily link to it anywhere, use our included ‘donate buttons,’ if you wish.

The Open Source Akari-Pay Is Free and Allows Customizable Themes  

In order to utilize the open source Akari-Pay protocol, users simply follow the instructions via the organization’s Github repository. Akari-Pay allows individuals and businesses to title and run a self-hosted BCH-centric funding page. Users can also specify a short description of why someone would donate or use the hosted BCH payment button. Additionally, Akari-Pay allows the user to set a goal that includes a graph, live updated donation count, and other features. Moreover, individuals and businesses using Akari-Pay can match the branding theme of their organization or nonprofit with customizable themes by simply editing certain text files.

Meet Akari-Pay: The BCH-Powered Website Payment Platform

The Akari Global development team has released the platform as completely free software and the code is open for review. In addition to the latest Akari-Pay version, the team has released a demonstration video on how to use the donation bar, set goals, update totals, and customize a color scheme.  Furthermore, Akari has set up a dev-chat channel in order to help people set up self-hosted BCH donation pages.

The Bitcoin Cash community across social media and forums seems pleased with Akari’s latest launch that allows anyone with a website to add a donation/payment page for free that utilizes the BCH network’s peer-to-peer electronic cash system. The BCH payment button works for mobile phones, laptops, and desktops by simply uploading an HTML file to the desired server. Akari also provides its own HTML files and templates for users to create a payment gateway quickly if they don’t want to customize their payment page.

What do you think about the Akari-Pay Advanced payment gateway? Let us know in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, the Akari Global Foundation, and Akari-Pay. 

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