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In this day and age, carrying your wallet, passport and mobile phone inside the inner pocket of your jacket is simply not enough to protect your assets. Thankfully, there’s a company called Tarriss which offers products designed to secure both your digital cash and personal data. It sells them for cryptocurrency and it takes bitcoin cash.

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Tarriss Accepts Bitcoin Cash and Ships Globally

Nowadays your electronic money and your digital identity are exposed to various invisible risks. You can be robbed, tracked and hacked remotely. Wireless technologies can provide third parties with unwarranted access to your most precious data.

That’s why Tarriss, a company based in the Canadian city of Vancouver, has set out to develop protection for the money, documents and gadgets you’ll use while traveling, for example. It creates wireless signal blocking RFID and Faraday Cage products that safeguard your electronic devices from damage and your privacy from being compromised.

Keep Your Money and Passport Safe With Products You Can Buy With BCH

The platform ships these items worldwide and accepts major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin cash (BCH), bitcoin core (BTC), ethereum (ETH), and litecoin (LTC), beside traditional payment methods such as Mastercard and Apple Pay. The prices on their website can be denominated in six fiat currencies – U.S. dollar, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, British pound, euro, and Japanese yen.

Among the products offered by Tarriss, you’ll find the RFID Passport Holder & Neck Wallet. It’s a smart invention that protects your RFID enabled credit cards and international passport. They also sell an RFID Money Belt & Hidden Travel, in case you prefer the fanny pack style solutions.

You can also order the Godark Faraday Bag which blocks EMF frequencies, EMR, wifi, cellular and Bluetooth signals. These inventions will give you the peace of mind you need in the modern age, when cards and passports come with chips, and mobile devices with GPS and NFC capabilities can be tracked and hacked.

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Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Tarriss.

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