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Japanese internet giant GMO has launched a new, upgraded model of its bitcoin miner equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The previous model was sold out. The new model can achieve a higher hash rate and has a “hash power optimization function.” It is for sale at the same price as the previous model.

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GMO miner B3 Launched

GMO Internet Group announced Monday the launch of its new model of 7nm bitcoin mining rig, GMO miner B3. As with its predecessor, GMO miner B2, the new model uses “the mining ASIC of the 7nm process GMO72b” which supports “cryptocurrency mining of SHA256 and can execute mining of bitcoin and bitcoin cash.”

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launches New Upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner

While the B2 model has a hash power of 24TH/s, the B3 model has a maximum hash power of 33TH/s, “which is much better than our existing products,” the company described, elaborating:

The major characteristics of GMO miner B3 are that it has the maximum hash power of 33 TH/s as well as can adjust the hash power optimally up to 33TH/s depending on the mining environment and global hash rate.

The B2 model consumes 1,950w per unit or 81W per TH/s. While the B3 model can also operate at this level, its maximum output of 33TH/s will consume 3,417w per unit or 103W per TH/s, GMO noted.

Price for July – Still $1,999

As GMO previously explained, the price of its miners is set each month. The price tag for each GMO miner B2 unit, launched on June 6, was $1,999.

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launches New Upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner
GMO’s 7nm chip.

The B3 model will be sold at the same price as the B2 model. “The sales price in July is 1,999 dollars and it is to be shipped in November,” GMO detailed, adding that “we shall upgrade it [B2 model] to GMO miner B3 for free if requested.”

Currencies accepted are BTC, BCH, and US dollars. Moreover, all GMO miners carry a 180-day warranty. The price includes 2 power supply units but does not include the shipping cost.

Function to Optimize Mining Efficiency

In Monday’s announcement, GMO also revealed that the B3 model contains a newly implemented “function to set the optimal hash power and power consumption depending on the environment,” elaborating:

While we were selling GMO miner B2, several customers have requested a function to adjust the hash power. Therefore, we accelerated the planned development of ‘hash power optimization function,’ which can set the optimal hash power and power consumption, and implemented it in GMO miner B3.

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launches New Upgraded 7nm Bitcoin MinerThere are two modes to this new function: the automatic mode and the manual mode. The former will automatically adjust “the hash power optimally up to 33TH/s in accordance with the electricity cost, which varies depending on the mining environment, and changes in the indicators such as the global hash rate,” the company detailed. “This enables [mining operators] to improve the efficiency of mining.”

Furthermore, GMO reiterated that the B3 model “adheres to all of the additional services implemented in GMO miner B2.” They include a “daisy chain connection of up to 32 units, an online update of software, and online monitoring of the operation status.”

What do you think of GMO miner B3? Do you want one? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and GMO Group.

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