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On Friday, June 22 a new bitcoin cash tipping application has been announced called The new platform allows registered Github users to tip each other with BCH using the web-based hosting service tethered to the service.

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers are at it again with a new tipping application that works with the hosting service Github. The website Github is an extremely popular service that hosts open source codebase and gives developers access control, bug tracking abilities, and task management.

Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Powered Github Tipping App

With an open source project, the developer community can collaborate in order to make codebase integrity more secure for many software projects. Now developers can tip each other in bitcoin cash using the platform. For instance, if someone helped find an issue, a bug, or helped code a few things for your project, you may want to tip them a few bucks for their assistance.

“ is an on-chain Bitcoin Cash tipping platform for Github, allowing users to directly support the developers who are writing the open source code that powers our planet,” explains the Gitcash programmers.  

GitCash supports custom user profiles, complete tipping histories, and full-featured HD wallets capable of generating and sweeping custom password protected paper wallets. Our platform is now and will forever be completely free and not-for-profit. Also, we accept zero-confirmations so your transactions are faster than lightning.

Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Powered Github Tipping App
Directions on how to use tipping app.

Bitcoin Cash: A Powerful Tool Capable of Bettering the World

Furthermore, the unofficial nonprofit marketing team the Bitcoin Cash Fund has given the team $1,000 worth of funding per month for the next two months. The money will be used for tips, advertisements and bounties, explains the team. Moreover, the project was produced with help from the Chaintip team and the organization’s bounties will be the first to appear on the website. Additionally, the Gitcash application was built using the Bitbox platform

Introducing the Bitcoin Cash Powered Github Tipping App bounties.

“We built Gitcash on Bitcoin Cash because it is truly censorship resistant and sound money that has the potential to benefit every person in the world equally, including those living on less than two dollars per day,” explains the organization’s founder.  

We’re super happy for Gitcash to be a part of that. The Gitcash project is supported solely by donations and is completely free to use. The platform was built by a small team of passionate developers who believe that Bitcoin Cash is not only the future of money, but a powerful tool capable of bettering the world.

The Gitcash founder also has thanked everyone in the BCH community for staying positive during the “monumental disinformation and censorship campaign” that’s being spread about bitcoin cash. “This is exactly the type of thing Bitcoin was created to fight — The battle is far from over but I can already tell the tides are turning,” the Gitcash founder concludes.

What do you think about the tipping application for Github? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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