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Bitcoin mining is a very competitive industry. It has grown exponentially over the last few years. During the last nine months, there’s been a bunch of new entrants joining the mining rig manufacturing business like GMO Group, Halong Mining, and Ebang. Now there’s a new firm that has partnered with Samsung’s semiconductor foundry called, Innosilicon, which has launched the Terminator 2-Turbo that claims to boost the machine’s hashrate speeds up to 24 trillion hashes per second (TH/s).

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24 Trillion Hashes Per Second — The Hong Kong Firm Innosilicon Launches the Terminator 2 Turbo  

Mining rig manufacturing is becoming super competitive lately, and there’s been a slew of new machines launched with much faster semiconductors. For instance, the firm Ebang and its Ebit E10 miner mines the SHA-256 algorithm, and it introduced independently made 10nm chips last year. The machine’s specs claim to produce a low power consumption of 1650W and churns out a maximum hashrate of 18Th/s. However, the machine is unavailable through Ebang as the product is sold out and the E10 can only be purchased through secondary markets. Then there was the firm Halong Mining which produced the Dragonmint T1 a SHA-256 miner that generated 16 trillion hashes per second. Halong also uses a Samsung designed 10nm chip but the Halong miner sold out and has been unavailable for months.

Innosilicon's T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO's B3 is Still the Champ
Innosilicon’s T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO’s B3 is Still the Champ

Now the Hong Kong-based firm Innosilicon has created a faster SHA-256 ASIC miner that produces 24TH/s by utilizing the Samsung Foundry’s low-power Finfet semiconductor technology. initially reported on Innosilicon’s new miner when it was discovered that four containers of the original Terminator 2 model were shipped to the US and sent to the company known as Blockstream.    

“The current Innosilicon Bitcoin mining ASIC has already been used in the most power efficient miner, known as Terminator 2 Miner with 17.2TH at 1430W+10%,” explains the Hong Kong firm.

The newly updated T2-Turbo miner offers enhanced 24TH/s performance per a small tube in normal mode and its power consumption can go as low as 75W/TH at the wall in low-power mode, easily 30% better than the closest competing products in the market.

Samsung Pleased With the Mining Manufacturing Partnership

Ryan Sanghyun Lee, the vice president of Foundry Marketing Team at Samsung Electronics detailed that the giant tech firm was pleased with its partnership with Innosilicon. “We are very pleased to provide the utmost low-power solution to Smart Server through Innosilicon to ensure very competitive equipment lifetime,” said Lee. “We believe that Innosilicon’s T2 Bitcoin mining ASIC, based on Samsung’s advanced low power Fin FET process, will offer differentiated value to its customers with notable benefits of power efficiency and high-performance.”

Innosilicon's T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO's B3 is Still the Champ
Samsung’s Foundry has been producing 10nm semiconductors for mining manufacturers.

Roger Mao, the vice president of engineering, Innosilicon explains the new T2-Turbo will provide miners with lower operational risk and a better return-on-investment (ROI) against other miners over the next 12-24 months. “Innosilicon and Samsung will go a long way as good partners to deliver many more exciting low power products in the market in the coming years,” Mao emphasized.

While Still Very Powerful the Innosilicon T2-Turbo is Not the Most Efficient Miner — GMO Group’s B3 Miner Processes 33TH/s

Even though 24 trillion hashes per second is a very competitive machine, it is not the most efficient miner on the planet. A while back GMO Group revealed the company’s B2 mining rig, which is on par with Innosilicon’s T2-Turbo at 24TH/s, but GMO has also launched the B3, which blows the B2 and T2-Turbo’s doors off with 33TH/s. Japan’s GMO Group has produced miners with 7nm semiconductor technology which so far is uncontested among other mining rig competitors.

Innosilicon's T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO's B3 is Still the Champ
The top two most powerful SHA-256 miners. GMO Group’s B3 miner still outpaces the T2-Turbo by 9 trillion hashes per second

However, the Innosilicon T2-Turbo should bring some added competitiveness to the industry, and the machine is in stock at  $1,350 per unit. The development team has also released a video of the Terminator 2 being built and its mining performance as well. Additionally there’s a rumor floating around the net on Wechat forums that Canaan Creative has a powerful machine coming out real soon. A screenshot of a description of the latest Canaan Avalon 9 says the new machine will produce 26-30TH/s.

Innosilicon's T2-Turbo Bitcoin Miner is Powerful, But GMO's B3 is Still the Champ
A leaked screenshot from Canaan Creative shows the firm may launch the Avalon 9 soon.

However, the machine is not available on the Canaan website, and the rumor and screenshot are unconfirmed at the time of publication. So far GMO Group and Innosilicon miners are the top performing miners in the industry until the next batch of more efficient miners is launched. Meanwhile, the mining manufacturing giant Bitmain Technologies has released a bunch of new ASIC miners for various coins but has yet to update it’s SHA-256 Antminer S9s which hash anywhere between 13.2 to 14 TH/s.

What do you think about Innosilicon’s new Terminator 2-Turbo miners? Let us know what you think about these miners in the comment section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Innosilicon, Imgur, Samsung, and GMO Group. 

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