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A growing number of cryptocurrency ATMs in Europe now buy and sell BCH, increasing the popularity and widening the adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Many of the teller machines are located in major cities and resorts offering Europeans and visitors easy access to the world of fast and affordable digital money transactions.

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Numerous BCH ATMs and Tellers Help Bitcoin Cash Adoption Across Europe

Increasing Number of Crypto ATMs in Europe Support BCHThe Bitcoin Cash adoption has been increasing rapidly over the past year with more and more merchants, wallet providers and users taking advantage of the fast and low fee BCH transactions. Add to that a growing number of teller services offering the opportunity to buy and sell the electronic cash around the world. Europe often needs more time to embrace things, but in this case it has been quicker than usual – more ATMs and tellers now support purchases and sales of bitcoin cash. Many of them are located in Europe’s capitals, tourist destinations and resorts.

According to data provided by Coinatmradar, there are numerous points where one can exchange – buy, sell or both – fiat money with bitcoin cash. Britain seems to be the absolute leader with over 70 bitcoin ATMs offering BCH. At least 50 of them are concentrated in London and its metropolitan area. The capital of the United Kingdom is a popular destination with almost 20 million visitors annually. The closest one to Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus is located on 4 Lisle Street – it’s a buy-only machine which sells BCH, along with BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH. Purchases are limited to £2,000/txn.

Spain, another fascinating country to visit, has at least 18 ATMs supporting bitcoin cash. There is a teller machine on 28 Calle Gutierre De Cetina Street in the capital Madrid. It’s a buy-only device and has a daily limit of €999 for the purchases of a number of cryptocurrencies. There’s a BATM in Palma de Mallorca, on 10 Carrer Carles I Street, which is a two-way device with transactions limited to €2,000. It buys and sells digital money, including BCH, with a fee of 6% over Bitstamp rates. The crypto teller machine on 8 Calle Londres Street in Adeje, Tenerife, also processes purchases and sales of BCH and with a higher limit – up to €10,000 per transaction.

From the House of Nakamoto in Vienna to a Moscow Supermarket

In the last quarter of the year, many will think about a trip to Vienna for Christmas. The Austrian capital offers 6 Bitcoin ATMs supporting BCH. One of them is installed in the House of Nakamoto, right in the center of the Austrian capital. The “retail store for bitcoin” on Führichgasse 2, a popular shopping area, supports purchases of bitcoin cash for up to €5,000/txn and €15,000 daily. The business also provides information and advice for newbies including how to set up a cryptocurrency wallet if you don’t already have one.

Further east, Bratislava, Sarajevo, Sofia, Constanța and Lviv, all have at least one cryptocurrency ATM offering BCH. There are 9 such devices in the Russian capital – the one closest to the Red Square and Arbat can be found in a supermarket on 14 Leontievsky Pereulok Street. It’s a buy-only automated teller that sells bitcoin cash (BCH), as well as BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, XMR, and DOGE. Tallinn, the capital of crypto-friendly Estonia, has one two-way device with BCH support, on 51 Tartu Mnt. Street. Brussels, the de-facto capital of the EU, has one as well – you can find it on 21 Anspach Boulevard.

Increasing Number of Crypto ATMs in Europe Support BCH

According to the Coinatmradar map, there are around 170 Bitcoin Cash ATMs in Europe but their number may be even greater as the platform does not necessarily cover all operational devices. Still, the Old Continent has to catch up with North America, for example, where the number of BCH ATMs exceeds 900. The data collected by Coinatmradar shows that there are currently over 3,800 cryptocurrency ATMs and around 140,000 other cash-crypto points of exchange in almost 80 countries.

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