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In this edition of The Daily, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has paid out a bug bounty of $30,000 for a critical vulnerability. Also, Tradingview has launched a new crypto dashboard allowing traders to track developments in the cryptocurrency markets and digital asset trading platform Bitfinex has released a new version of its mobile app.

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Coinbase Pays $30,000 Bug Bounty

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has paid a bug bounty of $30,000 for a critical vulnerability in its systems. The problem has since been fixed, Hard Fork reported, quoting a spokesperson of the leading U.S. digital asset trading platform. The company representative did not provide further details about the vulnerability.

The high amount of the bounty indicates, however, that the flaw was severe, the publication notes. Coinbase currently has a four-tier reward system that takes into account the possible consequences of a bug.

In the Daily: Coinbase Bug Bounty, Tradingview Crypto Dashboard, Bitfinex App Update

The platform is ready to hand out $200 for low, $2,000 for medium, $15,000 for high, and $50,000 for the discovery of a bug with critical impact. The severity is also determined by the exploitability of the vulnerability. The exchange has awarded three more bounties this week for low-impact bugs.

According to the platform’s bounty terms, a vulnerability must allow bad actors to read or modify sensitive data in its systems, execute arbitrary code, or exfiltrate digital or fiat currency in order to qualify for a critical impact bounty. Coinbase assesses the critical exploitability in terms of the ability of attackers to unilaterally exploit the bug.

Tradingview Launches Crypto Dashboard

Tradingview, a leading social network for traders and investors, has launched a service called Crypto Dashboard that provides an overview of the current status and latest developments in the cryptocurrency markets. The feature allows users to join the crypto community and track digital assets and their market caps.

In the Daily: Coinbase Bug Bounty, Tradingview Crypto Dashboard, Bitfinex App Update

Furthermore, the platform has added support for bitcoin core (BTC) payments for its premium plan. The price is fixed at 0.09 BTC which means the lower the BTC price, the higher the discount. The subscription is currently offered at less than half the original price of 0.20 BTC.

“We have locked the Premium plan price at BTC 0.09 to express our support of the crypto community,” Tradingview explains on its website. The 1-year premium plan offers unlimited chart layouts and watchlists, 200 server-side alerts and up to 25 technical indicators on a single chart. Users will be able to connect up to five devices simultaneously.

Bitfinex Updates Mobile App for Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has launched an improved version of its mobile application that supports cryptocurrency transactions. The digital asset trading platform maintains services for cryptocurrency traders and liquidity providers.

The updated Bitfinex app offers some new useful features. These include exchange and margin trading, margin funding, charts, transfers between wallets, new deposits, last movements of both deposits and withdrawals, notifications on trades execution, and price alerts.

In the Daily: Coinbase Bug Bounty, Tradingview Crypto Dashboard, Bitfinex App Update

The crypto exchange recently announced it now supports margin trading for the USDT/USD pair to improve the stablecoin offering, The Paypers reported. It also plans to introduce margin trading for other major stablecoin pairings when sufficient liquidity is reached.

In December, Ifinex, the Hong Kong-headquartered operator of the two sister exchanges Bitfinex and Ethfinex, revealed it was migrating data to new servers in Switzerland. The company said the change is part of its decision to switch from using AWS cloud services to a self-designed infrastructure suitable for high-volume trading with faster speeds.

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