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This week the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community had found that two trademark filings for the phrase ‘Bitcoin Cash’ were registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) over the past year. One trademark filing was registered with the USPTO on May 18, 2018, but the individual who registered it may be an accused con-artist from Hawaii who was charged with bilking millions of dollars from residents within the Honolulu region in 2001.

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A Bitcoin Cash Trademark Filed Last Month by an Interesting Individual Who Claims to Be Satoshi Nakamoto

Following our recent report that detailed how a company from the UK managed to successfully trademark the name ‘Bitcoin’, another odd trademark filing was found tied to the name ‘Bitcoin Cash’ according to public documents. There are two filings with the USPTO that are looking to claim the name Bitcoin Cash for products and goods associated with computer software licensing and online real-time currency trading. The most recent filing, registered on May 18, 2018, applies to computer software licensing and was registered by an individual named Ronald Keala Kua Maria from Hawaii. The USPTO filing also says after Kua Maria’s name ‘AKA Satoshi Nakamoto’ which indicates Kua Maria is claiming to be the inventor of cryptocurrency.

"I Am the Real Satoshi" Claims Hawaiian Man After Filing Bitcoin Cash Trademark

Hawaiian Cargo Container Grifting Accusations and the Ownership of Many Bitcoin-Related Domains

The name Ronald Keala Kua Maria leads people to a rabbit hole of interesting stories regarding this individual and his mother. According to reports in 2001, Kua Maria and his mother were accused of second-degree theft involving phony cargo containers and the two allegedly grifted millions of dollars by scamming Hawaiian residents. The cargo container scam started in 1979, Honolulu’s regional press explains, where Maria began asking acquaintances for funds to invest in fake cargo containers.

"I Am the Real Satoshi" Claims Hawaiian Man After Filing Bitcoin Cash Trademark

Following the 2001 news report, a website was found by the Twitter handle @btcfork called that shows a bit more information about this mysterious trademark filing. The website also contains the trademark copyright notice which states:

I Ronald Keala Kua Maria also known as Satoshi Nakamoto inventor of bitcoin and blockchain technology hereby affirm that all my copyrights including an equity-based electronic reserve currency peer to peer electronic cash system.

The website further has a copy of the original white paper which shows a copy of the document decoded from the BTC blockchain and Kua Maria has titled the paper ‘The Coin of All Coins’. However what is more interesting is Kua Maria’s statements and claimed ownership of many BCH related website domains which include,,,, and others. Visiting these sites visitors are re-directed to Kua Maria’s URL,, which has a gallery of pictures and interesting services that are allegedly provided by the RKM business like a “free basic income plan”. Funnily enough, these services like the free basic income re-directs again back to the web portal.

RKM’s World: “I Own All the Private Keys, Blockchains, Altcoins and Bitcoins Under Copyright Law”    

“There are no other legal assignees or licensees of my copyrights — Any assignments or transfers are not authorized and may be fraudulent,” explains Kua Maria’s cryptic writings on the website. “I do not authorize any assignees or licensees — I did not publish any part of my TXu002037698 work prior to 08/17/2016 — On or about 09/20/2005 my home (address below) was raided by Federal and State authorities joint task force and my computers, laptops, files, inventions, copyrights, etc. were seized.”

I am the real one and only Satoshi Nakamoto — I own all the private keys, blockchains, altcoins and bitcoins under copyright law. In the event of my death, incapacitation, coma, kidnapping, detainment and or incarceration all of my copyrighted works and all related works shall no longer be used by anyone anywhere for any reason at any time subject to change without any notice at any time by Ronald Keala Kua Maria only. I hereby serve legal notice to all users of my copyrighted works to cease and desist all use of my copyrighted works breach subject to copyright infringement.

"I Am the Real Satoshi" Claims Hawaiian Man After Filing Bitcoin Cash Trademark

The Basic Income Plan: $800 USD Per Month

However, after these statements, Kua Maria casually says that individuals and organizations can contact him for a free license and copy of the notice. He also states that “basic income plan users may be required to pay 2% royalties on transactions over $800 USD to provide $800 a month basic income to all users subject to Copyright law and this Basic Income Plan.”

Bitcoin Cash fans and cryptocurrency sleuths are interested in this subject because of all the oddities involved with the story. There’s a chance the community could hear from this individual in the near future especially in regard to the intellectual property and domains this person has claimed ownership over. has reached out to Ronald Keala Kua Maria for an interview and will follow up with this story if he accepts our request. 

What do you think about this mysterious story concerning trademarking the phrase Bitcoin Cash and how Ronald Keala Kua Maria claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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