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It’s getting close to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network stress test and many BCH proponents are preparing for the occasion. BCH supporters hope to send out millions of transactions on September 1 in order to see how well miners can process all of the transactions in the mempool. Today we are going to explain a few ways for people to participate during the BCH network stress test day and how they can monitor the network action as well.

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September 1st Marks the First Annual BCH Stress Test Day

On September 1st many BCH fans plan to stress test the network by sending millions of transactions over the course of the day. People have been preparing for the Bitcoin Cash network ‘Stress Test Day’ for weeks now. On August 1st BCH stress testers surpassed 687,000 transactions in one day which shattered the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network’s record by more than 180,000 transactions (tx). On September 1 BCH supporters hope to break the 687K milestone by doing a lot of spending, fanning out hundreds of transactions with stress test tools, and utilizing services like and tipping bots like Tippr.

How Can I Participate?

There are a few ways and tools released so people can participate with tomorrow’s stress test. The most popular tool called was created by the Twitter handle @SpendBCH_io which allows anyone to fan out hundreds of transactions with one single command. The tool explains how to use the application tomorrow, and for more insight, the BCH developer and Bitbox creator Gabriel Cardona has written a guide on how to use the tool. Users who are fluent in programming can use other tools available like the Velocity protocol which can spend BCH inputs in chains to simulate cash velocity but the tool requires a full node. Another tool people can use is ‘Txblaster’ bot which can also fan out BCH tips sent through the platform.

How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved

Users can also send traditional transactions too, using tip bots like Tippr and Chaintip on their favorite social media platforms like Reddit, Github, and Twitter. With network fees around $0.003 per tx sending lots of tips to people in BCH with these bots is a breeze.

How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved
Txblaster bot for

Furthermore, BCH supporters can spend their bitcoin cash using a large assortment of merchants, and meeting friends at BCH meetups. A lot of BCH-centric meetups are taking place across the globe to celebrate the stress test occasion and people will be spending lots of BCH in order to participate tomorrow. For example, there’s a Stress Test Day event taking place in Tokyo where BCH fans are planning on commemorating the day and monitoring the network. So essentially there are plenty of methods and tools available allowing people to get involved with the momentous day.

How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved
Many BCH fans will be celebrating the Stress Test Day at meetups.

How can I watch?

Many people are also going to want to watch the action taking place on the network and there are various data sites that provide unique visuals of transactions being processed in real-time. As far as the mempool (the queue of unconfirmed transactions) people can visualize the network’s unconfirmed transactions using Johoe’s Bitcoin Cash mempool statistics, which visually displays the number and size of the unconfirmed bitcoin transactions in real time. People can also monitor the BCH network tomorrow using data sites like Blockchair, Bitinfocharts, and’s daily transactions counter.

How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved

Then there are other bitcoin cash transaction monitoring websites that bring the action beyond simple line graphs and log charts. People can watch transactions via the 8-bit website and watch the stress test transactions via small cars and trucks on a 32 lane highway. Then there’s which shows BCH buses filling up alongside BTC buses filling up and people waiting a long time to board. Another site that follows along with the same style is which shows subway trains filling up with people (transactions) and the BTC side only has one car. The BCH side on has a very long train with lots of cars representing the fact that the Bitcoin Cash network processes much larger blocks.

How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved

 BCH Proponents May See Very Large Blocks Processed

September 1 should be a very eventful day for Bitcoin Cash proponents and many people hope to see millions of transactions processed and maybe some extremely large blocks. So far no BCH miner has exceeded block sizes above 8MB in size and that could change tomorrow if miners decide to process much larger blocks to clear all of the transactions.

What do you think about the BCH network stress test planned for September 1? Do you plan on participating? Let us know what you think about this subject matter in the comment section below.

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