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If you want to see cryptocurrency adopted by more people, one of the best ways to personally ensure that happens is to simply give away samples to anyone you can. And Halloween presents us with an excellent opportunity to spread the knowledge and passion to the next generation.

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Crypto Halloween

How to Easily Give BCH as Gifts in Halloween Trick-or-Treat PackagesThere are a few ways to add a crypto gift alongside the candy you give away to trick or treaters, such as preloaded plastic gift cards or even physical bitcoins with embedded QR codes. However, the quickest and easiest method is just to print out a paper wallet and load it with as much money as you want.

There are many options online that allow you to print out paper wallets, but one great place to get a bitcoin cash (BCH) wallet is of course at The graphics team at recently created new designs, and you can also create a custom one for yourself to fit the holiday spirit.

One possible problem with giving away paper wallets as gifts is that not everyone will actually use them and thus the funds could be lost. For this reason, there are a few specialized tools out there for giving crypto tips.

How to Cryptotip

How to Easily Give BCH as Gifts in Halloween Trick-or-Treat PackagesA Cryptotip is a printable cryptocurrency tip that you can give away to anyone. And if the recipient loses the paper tip, it’s not a problem, because you can set an expiration date, so the funds are returned to a specified wallet if the tip isn’t claimed in time.

You can also create as many tips as you want in minutes. Just put in a BCH refund address for unclaimed funds and an email address to receive notifications about the activation and expiration of tips. Select the quantity of cards you want to print and the amount each one will hold — possibly as a tip for the Cryptotip service itself to show support — and then just add a message. Click “checkout,” transfer the sum by scanning a QR code and then you are done.

How to Easily Give BCH as Gifts in Halloween Trick-or-Treat Packages

If you are more technically inclined, you can also check out Ace Tipper, a recently released app for Windows or MacOS that lets you print BCH tips on your computer.

Are you looking forward to giving BCH this Halloween? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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