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Setting up a bitcoin cash wallet is one of the first steps to getting involved in the world of peer-to-peer electronic cash. And while there are many established wallet providers that support BCH, you can use the Cashaddress platform to create a bitcoin cash wallet all by yourself.

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Generate Random BCH Public Address and Private Key is a free and open source Javascript bitcoin cash wallet generator which lets you create several types of BCH wallets – single, paper, bulk, vanity, and split wallet – and it’s available in multiple languages. Your BCH address is generated when you type random characters into a textbox or simply move your mouse around in your browser.

The website provides you with a public bitcoin cash address, which you can share with others who want or need to send you BCH, and a private key that has to remain secret. They are also represented as QR codes. After funds have been added to your wallet you can always check your balance with a block explorer.

How to Create a Bitcoin Cash Wallet With Cashaddress

Bitcoin Cash Block Explorer is a free and easy to use tool developed by After submitting your public address in the search bar, you’ll receive information about your current balance, number of transactions, total received and total spent in BCH and in U.S. dollars. You can also see the legacy and SLP addresses corresponding to your cash address and check your SLP balances if you have any tokens.

To protect their Cashaddress wallets, users must print or record both the address and the key, while also making a backup copy of the latter and storing it safely. Note that clicking “Generate New Address” will create a new public address with its private key, so make sure you have saved the ones you want to use.

There’s an option to create a paper BCH wallet as well. The dedicated page allows you to generate multiple addresses and BIP38 password encrypted wallets. You can also use’s Paper Wallet tool to print your wallet and find out more about the benefits of paper wallets.

In Cashaddress’s Wallet Details section you can have your private key encoded in different formats. The platform shows your bitcoin cash key in the most popular ones – WIF, WIFC, HEX, and B64. The website also provides instructions on how to create a truly random BCH private key using dice and how to find the bitcoin cash address associated with your B6 key.

Have you used similar platforms to create your own bitcoin cash wallet? Let us know in the comments section below.

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