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Protect Your Crypto Coins!

Hardware wallets? Cold storage wallets? Trading wallets?

Learn about the differences, why you need them and how to set them up.

Trade Your Crypto Coins

Trading cryptocurrencies is where the fun really begins!

Learn about how you can trade and profit off the exciting crypto currency markets.

Hardware Wallets

The crypto currency world is no different to the fiat (real) money world, and thieves will do anything they can to try and steal  your hard earned / mined / traded crypto fortune.

Discover how to use a hardware wallet to protect your coins!

Crypto Terms Glossary

Do you know what an ICO is? Or an airdrop of tokens?

The crypto world can be quite confusing to newcomers. We have compiled a glossary of the most commonly used terms and abbreviations here to help you navigate the often obscure world of crypto terminology.

Latest Cryptocurrency News

Your Crypto Life Articles

Do cryptocurrencies really have any value?

One of the main arguments against cryptocurrencies (cryptos) favoured by the no-coiners is that they have no value, or aren't backed by any asset with any value. Because of this they are doomed to failure, and anyone who invests in them is a fool. What an utter load...