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It’s tough at the top. There’s always some new upstart trying to shake you off your perch, whether you’re a monarch, a blockchain, or a cryptocurrency listing site. Coinmarketcap (CMC) has been the crypto community’s go-to price checker for as long as anyone can remember. While its dominance looks assured for now, a clutch of new competitors has sprung up seeking to gain ground on the cryptoconomy’s leading tracker site.

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Choose Your Coin Tracker

There are so many coin listing sites kicking about now that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Someone needs to create a tracker site to track all the coin trackers. Until such a time, has assembled a selection of the latest contenders to supplement its January guide to Coinmarketcap alternatives. Getting an altcoin listing site off the ground is now a major PR exercise that calls for badgering users to upvote the new portal on Producthunt and reaching out to Twitter influencers for attention. But the rewards for making it to the top of the pile, where CMC resides, can be lucrative.

Here Are 7 Crypto Comparison Sites Chasing Coinmarketcap’s Crown

Coinlib is a smartly designed platform that displays total cryptocurrency market cap and bitcoin dominance at the top of the page, with figures updating in real time. Useful features include the ability to compare up to four coins at a time and a best price explorer for identifying arbitrage opportunities or the cheapest place to pick up a particular crypto asset. Another respectable tracking site is Bitgur. Many of these sites don’t stray too far from the CMC model, Bitgur included, but it does have the option to filter results based on a coin’s category, year, and technology, which is nifty. There’s also a color map in the sidebar that lets you gauge at a glance whether the markets are green or red.

Build Your Own Portfolio

One feature that’s increasingly being offered on coin tracking websites is the ability to create a custom portfolio and monitor its progress. Sites such as Bitgur and Apogee provide this option when you create an account, as an alternative to using an app such as Blockfolio or Cointracking. With Coincall, you don’t even need to create an account to view your portfolio provided you access the site on the same device each time.

Here Are 7 Crypto Comparison Sites Chasing Coinmarketcap’s Crown

Coinliker is a largely unexceptional site that does have two notable features to its name. One is a random button, which will take you to the page of an obscure altcoin, and the other is a chart showing the most popular coins in its users’ portfolios. Ripple is leading the pack, featuring in over a third of all portfolios. Coinkapp could use some work, but its recent news alongside each cryptocurrency is useful, and each coin comes with a thumbnail that turns into an animated GIF upon hovering over it, which is novel. Finally, there’s Capcompare, which isn’t the prettiest of sites, but offers the unique ability of comparing a particular cryptocurrency alongside the market cap of countries or Nasdaq/NYSE companies.

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