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In recent cryptocurrency exchange news, Huobi’s EOS exchange has entered trial operations, Sharespost has facilitated a secondary trade of the BCAP security token, and Bithumb has obtained South Korean Information Security Management System certification.

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Huobi Launches Trial of EOS Exchange

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token TradeIn the last 24 hours, Huobi has announced the company’s EOS exchange has entered trial operations, which includes support for EOS/BTC, EOS/ETH, and EOS/USDT pairings. The exchange will be launched and operated by Huobi Pool, the mining arm of the company.

Earlier this month, Cao Fei, the chief executive officer of Huobi Pool, stated: “As an EOS super node, Huobi Pool has placed [EOS] ecological development high on its list of priorities. Launching this EOS exchange is simply the next logical step in our support.”

On Dec. 28, Huobi also announced support for EOS on the Huobi Derivative Market. The EOS derivative contracts support leverage of up to 20x, with the platform imposing maker fees of 0.02 percent and taker fees of 0.03 percent.

Sharespost Facilitates Secondary Transaction for BCAP Security Token

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token TradeOn Jan. 10, the Sharespost alternative trading system announced that it had executed its secondary transaction of Blockchain Capital’s BCAP security tokens.

The chief executive officer of Sharespost, Greg Brogger, described the transaction as “an important milestone for the digital securities ecosystem,” emphasizing the company’s expectation that tokenized securities will “join preferred and common stock as the mainstays of the private capital market.”

While the company has described the transaction as the first secondary transaction involving BCAP, alternative trading system Openfinance launched support for BCAP trade during December 2018.

Sharespost will also provide secondary liquidity and custody services to users of its marketplace. Currently, Sharespost only support Over-The-Counter (OTC) trade of security tokens, but the company has announced its intention to later support real time trading via digital order book.

Bithumb Obtains Certification from Korea Internet & Security Agency

Exchange News: Huobi Trials EOS Exchange, Sharespost Enables Security Token TradeBithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by reported trade volume, has received Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA).

According to local news, ISMS is the “highest” ISMS certification system in South Korea, comprising “12 items from 5 stages of information security management processes and 92 items from 13 areas related to information security measures.”

Last year, South Korea’s government mandated that cryptocurrency exchanges receive more than one million visitors and generate more than 10 billion Korean Won (nearly $8.95 million) in profit within a three-month period to obtain ISMS certification.

What is your reaction to the purported promise of security tokens? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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