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Bitcoin and the vast array of cryptocurrencies within the digital asset economy have become extremely popular these days, and one reflection of this metric is how many games can be found trending on the most popular app stores. There are many games available that allow gamers to create their own virtual mining farms, simulate trading cryptocurrencies, and games that even reward people in micropayments.

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Cryptocurrency Games: Your Chance to Be a Virtual Mining Tycoon and Bitcoin Billionaire

Have you ever wanted to try testing your luck in the cryptocurrency markets, but don’t want to lose real money? Or maybe you’ve contemplated creating a mining empire, but only have enough coin in the bank for a couple measly machines. Well, now people with some imagination and a love for games can find a wide array of gaming apps at Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Not too long ago, there were only one or two cryptocurrency related games like Bitcoin Millionaire on the app stores, but nowadays there’s a ton of different recreational apps where you can do various bitcoin-related things, and some of them even pay out a few cents in crypto if you play them long enough.

Bitcoin Mining Simulator

One fun game called Bitcoin Mining Simulator (BMS) allows you to become a bitcoin mining tycoon. Basically, the mining simulator allows you to purchase virtual rigs in order to mine bitcoins and profit from selling them at market value. The game starts with a few simple machines until you can get enough coins to purchase your own mega farm. Essentially the game created by the developer Aliaksandr Prakarym allows the player to continuously improve the farm in order to get a return on the investment (ROI). The BMS app is also available on both iOS and Google Play.

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App StoresBitcoin Evolution

Bitcoin Evolution is very much like the classic app Bitcoin Millionaire as it allows a person to become filthy rich by earning bitcoins by tapping — And who doesn’t like incessantly tapping their phone? Again, like the many other games that yearn to be original, Bitcoin Evolution starts you off by running your own virtual bitcoin business where you mine coins from your own farm and gather profit by selling them.     

“Invest your virtual mined income thoughtfully and grow your virtual bitcoin firm — Soon you will be the most popular virtual bitcoin capitalist and earn billions with your smart business,” explains the developer, Romit Dodhia.

But be aware that you will face all the problems that a successful merchant needs to go through. And don’t forget to launder your money!

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game

The recreational Bitcoin Miner: Clicker Game (BM) is an iOS mining simulator that allows you to earn bitcoins, obtain more computers and luxury automobiles. The game is very much like the aforementioned bitcoin mining simulators above, but with different graphics. BM allows the person to create their own farm and develop it more to profit. “Interested in mining but afraid to try in real life?” asks the development team 99 Drones B.V. “ Don’t worry — Mine in this game to get a taste for free — It’s time for you to start mining.”

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

Crypto Rider

Now the game Crypto Rider is funny and original as it’s a two-dimensional racing game where the tracks are the real-life historical price charts of popular cryptocurrencies. The racing app featured on Google Play and created by Superfly Games allows racers to collect blocks to unlock nine crypto-themed vehicles. “Fed up of watching all the price dips? Well, now you can ride them,” the developers’ detail.

Compete for the top spot on global leaderboards! Shill your high score to your friends with the sharing feature.

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

Bitcoin Flip

The iOS trading simulator Bitcoin Flip teaches gamers how to trade cryptocurrencies. The game is good for investors just learning how to trade digital assets. Bitcoin Flip instructs users on how to trade Bitcoin Cash, Nano, Tron, Vechain, Steem, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dashcoin. The simulation follows real-time cryptocurrency spot prices with a 0.0005-second accuracy. Further, the platform starts players off with $5,000 (virtual dollars) to invest in and collect or lose virtual gains. Essentially, Bitcoin Flip gives people a chance to learn how to trade but can also be used for pure amusement.

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App StoresBitcoin Bricks

The Android game Bitcoin Bricks created by Joy Soft is a Tetris-like puzzle game that pays BTC micropayments for every game field filled. Joy Soft says instead of rewarding people with “useless points”, Bitcoin Bricks players get 0.00000001 BTC for every filled row and withdrawals are allowed after a certain threshold. After filling rows and collecting a micropayment, the BTC balance is shown above the game board so people can view how many coins they have earned.

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

The Blockchain Game

The Blockchain Game is another iOS strategy tournament that involves players building the longest blockchain and winning BTC. Just like Bitcoin Bricks, users add their BTC wallet address and they can begin trying to earn micropayments. The basic concept of the game is stacking blocks in order to create the longest chain. Just like in the real world, the virtual blockchain with the longest concession of blocks gives players a higher reward payout.

Cryptocurrency Games Have Invaded the Most Popular App Stores

Games Can Be Fun and Addictive but Remember Time Is Money

There are so many cryptocurrency and blockchain games these days that this post could go on forever. However, lots of them lack originality and are mere copy-cats of games that simulate mining, or allow players to become a virtual bitcoin billionaire tycoon. The games are definitely amusing if you are a crypto-enthusiast, and some of them are educational, and even payout small amounts of cryptocurrency. Even though some games advertise the rewards as ‘free BTC,’ the incentives are not really ‘free.’ 

One reviewer explains how he spent a whole week playing a ‘free bitcoin game’ app for hours and earned a whopping $0.35 cents in BTC. So unless you consider your time as ‘free,’ that description is a bit misleading, but the games can be fun and addicting. So if you want to burn some time, head over to Google Play or Apple’s App Store and search “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency games,” and you may find yourself losing hours of your life just to earn a 35 cents in crypto. 

What do you think about all the cryptocurrency games in the app stores these days? Have you played any of these games? Are there any fun games we didn’t mention that you like to play? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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