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This week Panda Exchange, a cryptocurrency trading platform, led by the Colombian team Panda Group and CEO Arley Lozano, announced that Panda users now have access to its EUR markets for residents who live in member countries of the SEPA. Panda Exchange has been expanding quite a bit this year and just recently opened a branch in Portugal, which helped bolster SEPA integration. Moreover, the trading platform also offers a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) pairs market with nine other cryptocurrencies.

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Panda Exchange Launches Crypto-to-Fiat Trading Markets for SEPA Friendly Regions

'Crypto-Accessibility' - Panda Exchange Expands Crypto-to-Fiat Trading MarketsThe cryptocurrency trading platform Panda Exchange is a new market maker that launched in early 2018. Panda was created by the cryptocurrency entrepreneur, Arley Lozano and his Columbian based team called Panda Group. Lozano spoke with this week and he revealed the exchange has just opened a fiat market for the EU with SEPA, alongside this, Panda has launched a market for Panamá as well. Panda Exchange offers over 70 digital assets and has separate markets for BTC, ETH, and BCH pairs. Bitcoin Cash is paired with nine virtual currencies like LTC, BTG, ETH, and others on the Panda platform.           

“As of today, Panda Exchange offers crypto-to-crypto exchange services for users all over the world, and it has recently opened crypto-to-fiat trading markets thanks to their new branches Panda Exchange Portugal and Panda Exchange Panamá,” Panda Group explains to  

These two alliances allow users to trade in euros and dollars, respectively, after completing the required verification processes which depend on the country’s local laws. The euro market is available for users with European Union documentation and holders of a SEPA euro bank account, whereas trading in dollars is limited to users with Panamanian identity documents.

'Crypto-Accessibility' - Panda Exchange Expands Crypto-to-Fiat Trading Markets
Panda exchange offers bitcoin cash (BCH) pairs with nine different digital assets.

Panda Group CEO Hopes to Bolster Crypto-Adoption and Expand Digital Asset Accessibility  

Just recently Panda Exchange also added the stablecoin trueusd (TUSD), and has added an assortment of (56) ERC-20 tokens. Panda Group’s Lozano explains to that Panda Exchange is developing a Canadian branch soon and hopes to launch on October 1. For now, Lozano is pleased to offer more accessibility to SEPA friendly markets and other regions worldwide.

“The inhabitants of the European cryptocurrency market will be able to start exchanging their cryptocurrencies at the Panda Exchange,” Panda Group details.  

Those that are verified in the different levels offered by the Portuguese market may not only enjoy the pairs in bitcoin cash, ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens, but also perform operations in euros in those countries that are part of the SEPA.

Panda’s Arley Lozano says he looks forward to the future of cryptocurrencies and believes the expansion adds more digital asset accessibility worldwide. Besides being one of the few trading platforms that have direct bitcoin cash pairs, Panda Exchange is also a franchise model for those who wish to operate local cryptocurrency markets Lozano notes.

What do you think about Panda exchange expanding its fiat operations and adding markets in Panamá and Portugal? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

Images via Pixabay, and Panda Exchange. 

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