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This week the firm Coinshares Group has announced two new investment vehicles tethered to cryptocurrencies. Coinshares was the first organization to launch publicly traded bitcoin and ethereum-based exchange-traded-notes (ETN), and the firm’s new funds will offer retail investors more “familiar channels” to invest in the growing digital asset economy.

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Two New Coinshares Crypto-Investment Funds: The ‘Active’ and ‘Large Cap’

Coinshares Group Plans to Launch New Crypto-Investment Funds
Coinshares is well-known for it’s Bitcoin Tracker One ETN listed on Nasdaq OMX.

Coinshares Group is a well-known company that offers two globally traded ETNs based on the decentralized cryptocurrencies bitcoin (Bitcoin Tracker One and BTC Tracker Euro) and ethereum (Ether Tracker One and ETH Tracker Euro). The firm focuses its energy on providing investment vehicles tied to the emerging market of crypto-assets. The ETN provider is approved by the Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen), and average retail investors can purchase the ETNs which are listed and sold on Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm. Coinshares is now launching the ‘Active’ Fund and ‘Large Cap’ Fund which offer two types of digital asset fund investment.

The ‘Active’ Fund will follow an alpha-generating ongoing strategy with multiple crypto assets. The ‘Large Cap’ fund will be more a more passive and significant larger basket fund. The Chairman of Coinshares Group, Daniel Masters, believes the firm has a great experience with crypto-investment products and says the company looks forward to offering the new funds.

“As a group, we have developed a deep expertise in bringing new, fit-for-purpose crypto-investment products to market; products which offer traditional investors proper, familiar channels to access the crypto-asset ecosystem,” explains Coinshares chairman.

We are particularly excited for these two new funds as they represent the latest evolution of our expertise and are built on key learnings from the last three years of managing crypto-asset investments.

Investor Education, a New London Office, and Working With Regulators

Coinshares Group Plans to Launch New Crypto-Investment FundsAdditionally, Coinshares has been offering investor education called, “a framework for analyzing crypto assets,” and is also opening a new London-based office. The firm says it plans to expand in global jurisdictions where regulatory policy is shifting with these emerging new technologies. Ryan Radloff, the CEO, and founder of Coinshares says the company still has a lot of work to do regarding dealing with regulators investigating digital assets. Moreover, the company has created a “representative relationship” with Sapia Partners LLP, part of the Lawson Conner Group.     

“As one of the European leaders in crypto-finance, we have a responsibility to lead by example; and as a group, we believe that the crypto-finance community should seek more regulation, not run away from it; this London office is a proper step in upholding that belief,” Radloff details during the announcement.   

There is still a lot of work to be done on regulation in crypto-finance and we look forward to working with regulators throughout the process.

Coinshare’s existing ETNs have had a very successful year much like the rest of the cryptocurrency economy. The product Bitcoin Tracker One (COINXBT:SS) is up 881.22 percent over the past year. The first Ethereum tracking ETN on Nasdaq Stockholm launched this past October hold an excess of $350Mn USD in just a few short months.

Images via Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, the Coin Rush broadcast, and Coinshares XBT. 

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