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This week the company BRD (formally Bread Wallet) released its anticipated ‘Augustus’ wallet release which provides BRD users with a bunch of new features. Not only will the BRD wallet offer BCH, BTC, and ETH balances, users can now store over 100 unique ERC20 tokens as well. Additionally, the BRD development team has added a secure in-wallet digital trading service for its supported assets.

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BRD Launches ‘Augustus’ Wallet Release With In-Wallet Cryptocurrency Trading

BRD Wallet 'Augustus' Release Features In-App Cryptocurrency TradingThe BRD platform is a well-known cryptocurrency app that’s been around the digital asset ecosystem for quite some time. This week the BRD development team has launched the Augustus wallet, a release that implements a host of new features. For now, the new features are only available for iOS, but the BRD team’s community manager Alex Eaton explains to that the Android release will be out soon.

The new Augustus platform comes with its standard services which allow users to hold their own private keys. However, the new BRD app now offers the ability to store, send, and receive ethereum (ETH) and over 100 ERC20 tokens that stem from the ETH network. Additionally, the Augustus version lets users choose which currencies they would like to view in the wallet’s user interface, and the app will only list the favorites chosen. Another nice addition for cryptocurrency enthusiasts is the ability to trade digital assets from within the wallet due to an integration with the Changelly API.

“The way that we do the trading within the app is with an integration with Changelly,” BRD’s community manager Alex Eaton tells “Eventually we want to use a decentralized exchange (DEX) and we’ve been in talks with some development teams. Aaron Lasher, the CMO of BRD, and I were talking about it just yesterday and our team does not feel that DEX platforms are ready for integration yet. So we are still waiting for some DEX platforms to be safe enough so we can feel more comfortable with integration.”

BRD Wallet 'Augustus' Release Features In-App Cryptocurrency Trading

The 4-Week BRD Airdrop

BRD Wallet 'Augustus' Release Features In-App Cryptocurrency Trading
BRD community manager Alex Eaton.

Further, the platform’s native token BRD can be stored within the wallet and during the course of the next four weeks, the company is doing an airdrop registration with a limited amount of spots available per week. During the company’s recent Augustus announcement, the firm explains that BRD tokens can be used for rewards and discounts that become available as the company grows, and they can also be traded on the open markets.  

“We’ve been doing an airdrop for two weeks and we just started round three of our airdrop this morning — So we’re giving out so far 20 BRD tokens for every single person that registers,” explains Eaton to “We’ve been doing the airdrop at weeks at a time, where week one we were looking for 10,000 registrants and everyone got 10 BRD tokens.”

“This week we are looking for only 4,000 registrants and if we hit that the amount, everyone regardless of which week you signed up for, will get 25 BRD tokens — Then next week when we start week four will have another registration cap,” Eaton adds.

Eaton tells us people can find out more and get alerts about BRD’s 4-week airdrop here, while users can also learn about the new BRD wallet features by joining the team’s Telegram chat.

What do you think about the BRD wallet and its latest features? Let us know your thoughts about this platform in the comments below.

Images via Telegram, BRD, and the iOS app store. 

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