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At this year’s EXMA conference in Bogota on May 27-28, attendees will find that payment processor Pagos Inteligentes will allow bitcoin cash (BCH) payments at Home Burgers inside the Movistar Arena. The EXMA event is one of the biggest entrepreneurship conferences in Latin America and Pagos Inteligentes alongside its partner Xpay hopes to show EXMA participants that crypto payments are the future of money.

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Cryptocurrency Payments Will Be Highlighted at This Year’s EXMA Market Economy Conference

Pagos Inteligentes (“smart payments” in English) and Xpay are bringing crypto payments to the EXMA event at the Movistar Arena on May 27-28, 2019. The Xpay payment processor system is a product provided by Panda Group that allows merchants to accept BCH, BTC, DAI, and fiat as payment for goods and services.

Bogota's EXMA 2019 Will Feature Bitcoin Cash Payments at Home Burgers

The two teams have partnered in order to bolster an effortless payment rail for people living in Latin America. The EXMA event is well known for being one of the most popular entrepreneurship and marketing platforms in Latin America. The event in Bogota will host 60 world-class speakers including former U.S. President Barack Obama, author Ken Segall, futurist Ian Khan, digital philosopher Aric Dromi, and the Marketing Institute’s Pablo Turletti.

Bogota's EXMA 2019 Will Feature Bitcoin Cash Payments at Home Burgers

Because Pagos Inteligentes and Xpay have recently embarked on a collaborative effort, the startups have the unique opportunity to show the potential of cryptocurrencies at EXMA by using micropayments in a practical way. EXMA 2019 attendees will be able to purchase food at the event, thanks to the recent partnership with the Home Burgers branch in the Movistar Arena, which will offer its products and services for crypto payments. The Home Burgers startup has stood out in Latin America and will receive acknowledgment at EXMA for the company’s marketing and entrepreneurship growth. To Xpay and Pagos Inteligentes, this will be a great opportunity to enable cryptocurrency payments. The Xpay team says an announcement of more Home Burgers locations that will have the crypto payment option is expected to happen as well.

Bogota's EXMA 2019 Will Feature Bitcoin Cash Payments at Home Burgers

Hundreds of Burgers Will Be Airdropped to Attendees Who Download the Wallet

Speaking with, Panda Group’s founder, Arley Lozano, explained there will also be an airdrop at the event for people who attend and download wallets. Lozano detailed that the airdrop will pay for roughly 600 burgers at the EXMA conference. The Panda Group founder said the special offer for Wallet users and the collaboration with Home Burgers comes with the intention to introduce new people to the crypto environment and to show how easy and comfortable it is to pay with cryptocurrencies.

“Using digital currencies at Home burger will be an eye-opener for those trying crypto payments here in Colombia for the first time,” Lozano told “Cryptocurrencies are a game changer for merchants all around the world and we want to show how easy it is to pay with digital currencies with Xpay and Pagos Inteligentes.”

Bogota's EXMA 2019 Will Feature Bitcoin Cash Payments at Home Burgers

Lozano also emphasized that cryptocurrencies will get added attention at the popular EXMA conference due to the event’s popularity and President Obama’s appearance. Panda Group, Xpay and the firm’s hybrid point of sale and crypto ATM Xeler devices have been making strides in Colombia. The company recently installed a Xeler at La Tortata sweet shop in Bogota and the second Xeler at the popular burger restaurant in Cucuta, Darwinos. Panda Group also helped Athena Bitcoin install a crypto ATM in Cucuta for Colombian residents and to serve as a crypto gateway for Venezuelans near the border.

What do you think about bitcoin cash being accepted for food and drinks at Home Burgers inside the Movistar Arena at this year’s EXMA conference? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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Image credits: Shutterstock, Xpay, Pagos Inteligentes, and Home Burgers.

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