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On Monday the cryptocurrency payment processor Bitpay announced the company is now supporting settlement options using two stablecoins — the Gemini dollar and the Circle Centre coin. Not only can Bitpay merchants settle in BCH, BTC, and local fiat currencies, but they can also utilize a US dollar-equivalent digital currency.

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Bitpay Now Supports Settlement With Two Stablecoins — USDC and GUSD

Bitpay Announces Stablecoin Support for Merchant SettlementStablecoins have been a hot topic recently as a slew of new assets has joined the crypto-economy’s ranks. On Oct. 15 the Atlanta-based firm Bitpay announced the company will now support stablecoins for merchant settlement options. This means Bitpay merchants can choose to accept the Gemini dollar (GUSD) or Circle’s Centre coin (USDC) for settlement instead of settling in BCH, BTC, or local currencies.     

“Bitpay was founded to make payments faster, more secure, and less expensive using Bitcoin for organizations around the world,” explained Stephen Pair, co-founder and CEO of Bitpay during the announcement.

Bitpay Announces Stablecoin Support for Merchant Settlement
Bitpay merchants can now settle in USDC and GUSD.

Using Stablecoins Can Produces Faster Settlement Compared to Traditional Bank Transfers

Pair also adds that stablecoins give merchants more options and a new alternative to settling in BTC and BCH. The Bitpay founder also details that stablecoins give individuals and organizations the ability to transact more fluidly with a “non-volatile settlement solution that does not rely on traditional bank wires.”

“Customers can skip costly, complicated cross-border wire transfers and receive or send international payments with Bitpay with accuracy, reduced fraud risk and quick bank settlement,” the payment processing firm emphasized.

The company also believes that global areas such as South America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific region would benefit significantly from the use of stablecoins. Using Bitpay’s services, traditional fiat bank settlement is initiated the next business day and it can then entail another 24 hours until the final settlement. Stablecoins, BCH, and BTC settle in a much quicker fashion and US dollar-equivalent digital currency prices tend to be far less volatile than regular decentralized assets.

What do you think about Bitpay supporting GUSD and USDC for merchant settlement? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

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