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On Tuesday, May 8, the Bitcoin Cash Fund and the Yeewallet team announced a partnership that aims to further spread bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption. The organizations’ plan to bolster BCH adoption by airdropping 20 BCH to Yeewallet users who meet the airdrop requirements.

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The Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeecall Partner to Further Spread BCH Adoption

This week, the Bitcoin Cash Fund (BCF) and the creators of the Yee application have announced a strategic agreement that aims to spread bitcoin cash adoption to the millions of Yeewallet users. The firm’s Yeewallet is a recently launched multi-cryptocurrency wallet that also features internet voice calls using the popular Yeecall platform. BCF is a nonprofit organization that’s been committed to spreading bitcoin cash adoption worldwide, and the group believes Yee’s 33 million users getting some BCH will help promote the cryptocurrency’s use. Yee has also just added BCH support for the Yeewallet interface, with the firm explaining that this week’s airdrop will help the bitcoin cash network effect spread.

“Yee believes that the support of BCH on Yeewallet will not only enrich the Yeecall’s application scenario and satisfy our Yeecall users’ needs, but also extend the BCH’s influence and promote the development of BCH community,” explains the Yee company.

Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeewallet Plan to Airdrop 20 BCH
The Yeewallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that was launched on the first week of April. It is also integrated with the popular Yeecall app – that has 33 million users.

Breaking Down the Barrier to Entry With 33 Million Users

Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeewallet Plan to Airdrop 20 BCH
The Bitcoin Cash Fund.

In order to participate in Yee’s bitcoin cash airdrop, users need to meet specific requirements by the specific snapshot date (5/9/18 23:59:59 GMT+8) which is: Yeewallet users must hold at least 10,000 tokens of the company’s native coin called YEE, and those who meet the requirements will share 20 BCH. The Bitcoin Cash Fund board member Paul Wasensteiner tells that “the BCH airdrop will be divided proportionally based on the quantity of YEE they have in their wallet, with a minimum of 10,000 YEE as a requirement.”

Bitcoin Cash Fund and Yeewallet Plan to Airdrop 20 BCH also chatted with Paul Wasensteiner about the latest BCF initiative with Yee – who told us he believes that the airdrop is a great opportunity to spread bitcoin cash far and wide.

“Bitcoin Cash technology needs to be ingrained into almost everything we use to communicate — The internet allowed almost any person in the world to communicate with anyone else, and Bitcoin Cash will do the same for money. By integrating a Bitcoin Cash wallet into a popular messaging app like Yeecall, and even providing some free BCH so people can see how easy it is to use, the barrier to entry for these users has been completed removed,” BCF’s Wasensteiner explains.  

33 million people will now have access to complete financial freedom. Using Bitcoin Cash should be as easy as sending a tweet, and we feel this partnership is a huge step in making this a reality, and brings us closer to our goal of reaching one billion users within five years.

Making Bitcoin Cash Accessible and Easy to Use for Every Single Person Worldwide

Wasensteiner tells that full instructions on how to participate in the BCF and Yee airdrop can be found here, and Yee users can also join the official group in Yeecall. Wasensteiner also emphasized that initiatives like these that utilize bitcoin cash will help promote the goal of financial freedom to every single person worldwide.              

“Bitcoin Cash is going to open up the global economy and bring financial freedom to every single person on the planet, but before we can achieve that we need to make it as accessible and as easy to use as possible,” Wasensteiner concludes.

What do you think about the BCF initiative with Yee? Do you think initiatives like this are good for spreading adoption? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, the Bitcoin Cash Fund, Yeewallet, and Pixabay. 

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