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A team of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers has released a new BCH desktop wallet that resembles the ethereum-light client Metamask. The new beta version Chrome extension wallet called can be tested in the browser’s developer mode and soon will be able to hold BCH-issued tokens.

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Testing the New Chrome Extension Wallet

There’s a new bitcoin cash wallet that is similar to the popular Chrome extension Metamask wallet. The BCH-based client was produced by members of the organizations Spendbch, Bitbox, the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), and developers. Badgerwallet aims to be a gateway into the world of BCH-fueled tokens and decentralized applications. At the moment, Badgerwallet developers have launched the beta version of the chrome extension client and the wallet is currently available for testing.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Chrome Extension
The Badgerwallet extension has to be unpacked in developer mode.

In order to test the Badgerwallet software, users need to download the extension package from the website. After doing this, the next step is opening the Chrome browser and unpacking the extension. However, since Badgerwallet is currently in beta the Chrome extension page needs to be set to ‘developer mode.’ From there, Chrome will allow the Badgerwallet software to be unpacked and installed in the browser. After the install, you will see a bitcoin cash symbol on the top right corner of the Chrome browser.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Chrome Extension
Badgerwallet can be operated in a small dropdown window.

Badgerwallet users can look at the wallet in a smaller window on the upper left as well but they can also open the wallet in a whole page within the Chrome browser. Immediately after firing up the extension’s software, the wallet gives the users a twelve-word seed phrase and requires them to write it down and verify the word order before opening the wallet. Badgerwallet is pretty self-explanatory from here and acts like any other Chrome extension light clients like Kryptokit, and Metamask.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Chrome Extension
Network fees seemed a bit too high using Badgerwallet but the wallet is still in beta.

A Few Quirks, and the Badger Button Demo sent US$0.50 worth of bitcoin cash to the Badgerwallet with ease and the client indicated the transaction was received almost immediately. We noticed two small issues with Badgerwallet: the incoming transaction was never recorded, and then we had issues sending the money back for less than a penny. Of course, the Badgerwallet extension is still in beta so finding weird quirks can be common. Lastly, the wallet currently doesn’t support tokens and the application will tell the user the feature is under construction.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Chrome Extension
Sending BCH to our wallet.

Speaking with one of the Badgerwallet developers, Gabriel Cardona, the creator of Bitbox told that token support is not quite finished yet, but the team is making the wallet token agnostic. “With token plugin architecture developers from any of the emerging token platform can plug their tokens into Badgerwallet,” Cardona explains. For now, the developer says the team will be adding support for SLP and Wormhole tokens. Badgerwallet testers can create a new account with mnemonic, add as many accounts as you need from a dropdown menu, and send and receive BCH as well. The website and the team’s Twitter page also shows a demo of the ‘Badger Button,’ an app that allows people to embed a payment button to their website.

Bitcoin Cash Developers Launch Chrome Extension
The Badgerwallet settings section.

Overall, the wallet runs fairly smooth, minus the little quirks mentioned above and the team will likely be polishing the code on the next release. When the team adds the SLP and Wormhole token abilities, the wallet will likely gain more interest, especially if the app is token agnostic. As we mentioned in previous posts concerning ‘colored coin’ technology, a token friendly SPV wallet has always been one of the concept’s biggest challenges. Cardona tells that the team has recently added the Wormhole endpoints to and the wallet is being QAed now and will be live by next week.

What do you think about the Badgerwallet Chrome extension? Let us know what you think about this application in the comments section below.

Images via Shutterstock, Badgerwallet, and Jamie Redman 

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