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Social media platform Honest Cash has activated 200 new users and added a few new features, according to its creator Adrian Barwicki. reported on its initial launch during the last week of November, when the blogging platform started with the first 100 registrants.

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Honest Cash Sees 7-10% Daily Growth

BCH App ‘Honest Cash’ Sees Significant Growth and Adds Native WalletSince the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network hard fork a few weeks ago, a new social media platform called Honest Cash was launched for BCH proponents. Similar to blogging platforms like Medium or Steemit, the Honest Cash application gives registered users the ability to create a unique profile tethered to a BCH wallet and post written content in short or long form. Initially registered users could only post written text, but since then, Barwicki has added the ability to upload photos and videos as well. This means the Honest Cash community of users can reward good content by tipping not just writers, but vloggers, graphic artists, reporters, and more with bitcoin cash.

Barwicki has been registering users by invite-only after people sign up with a valid email address and had approved 100 users during the week tested the platform. On Friday, the developer announced that the team activated 200 more users and they have only 50 slots open for the rest of the trial period. Moreover, looking at the data, Honest Cash has grown 7-10 percent a day and that’s not including the waiting list Barwicki detailed on Twitter.

“Another 200 accounts have just been activated on Honest Cash,” the founder emphasized.   

190 stories have been published, 150 are being written, 120 tips/upvotes were given since two days ago and we have an elite retention rate of over 50% — Is something growing like this on BSV?

BCH App ‘Honest Cash’ Sees Significant Growth and Adds Native Wallet
The Honest Cash news feed.

New Native Wallet and the First Uncensorable Post

While scrolling through the Honest Cash front page, the feed consists of subjects like bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, trading, economics, and politics which shows the platform is growing. Users can now follow other users and unique content creators can grow a list of followers too. Additionally, the Honest Cash application allows individuals to tether their Twitter profile or Reddit account to the platform. When tested the platform in November, you could tether a third-party wallet to a profile. But now Honest Cash has its own native client which can generate a new wallet. Users can also import existing keys with custom HD derivation path support.

BCH App ‘Honest Cash’ Sees Significant Growth and Adds Native Wallet
Honest Cash can now generate a new BCH wallet or connect to an existing wallet with a recovery phrase.

Recovery phrases never leave the browser, explains the Honest Cash website, and with all the transactions signed, the software never exposes keys over the internet. However Honest Cash recommends not attaching a wallet with a large amount of BCH, as only a small amount of funds is needed to tip and upvote. Furthermore, five days ago the first uncensorable post was recorded on the Honest Cash platform with a little help from the Bitcoin Files platform.

“It cannot be removed, censored or amended. It is saved in the history of mankind for all times — Be honest,” explains the post with the bitcoin file hash.

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 Images via Shutterstock, Honest Cash, and Pixabay.

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