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A surge in the popularity of bitcoin among students has prompted an Australian high school to host an information night designed to educate its students about cryptocurrencies. St. Laurence’s College in Brisbane recently informed the parents of students that it wishes to hold an “educational presentation” in light of an increasing number of students investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Increasing Student Investment Prompts Australian High School to Host Information Night on Cryptocurrencies

Australian High School to Host Information Night on CryptocurrenciesA high school in Brisbane, Australia has announced that it will hold a non-compulsory meeting for staff, and students from year 11 and year 12, designed to educate students, parents, and faculty about the “new space” of cryptocurrencies.

The school issued an email stating “While St Laurence’s College has no official stance on this subject it is felt that the boys should be cautioned and educated about these purchases.” The email stated that “The presentation will look at features of cryptocurrencies, the technology underpinning them, and will give some very basic information about the state of the market and ways to keep investments safe,” according to Australian media.

Although the event was originally scheduled to be held on February 2nd, the meeting has since been postponed.

Proposed Information Night Well-Received

Australian High School to Host Information Night on CryptocurrenciesChrisann Lee, a business and accounting professor at the Queensland University of Technology, has supported the school’s decision, stating that teenagers will greatly benefit from educational efforts relating to cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Lee said that “While [teenagers] are quite strong on basic financial literacy skills such as budgeting and interest concepts they may be struggling with more advanced topics like investment.” The professor emphasized the need for teenagers to be educated in “the underlying asset that they are buying into, the technology that supports, the security and those kinds of things” in order to be “fully aware to make informed decisions.”

What do you think of the high schools hope to educate its students regarding cryptocurrencies? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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