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During the second week of May, reported on the Akari Global Foundation, a group that aims to bolster bitcoin cash (BCH) adoption through its services. The organization launched Akari-Pay, a one file BCH payment and donate page for BCH merchants and non-profits. This week Akari has launched a free bitcoin cash powered pages builder that allows users to build BCH fundraiser micro-sites.

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Akari-Pages Allows Users to Create Micro-Sites for BCH-Fueled Fundraising

Akari Launches BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder for CrowdfundingThere’s been a lot of infrastructure development surrounding the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network over the past few weeks. On July 7, 2018, the Akari Global Foundation announced the launch of a new service called, Akari-Pages, a free self-hosted bitcoin cash fundraiser micro-site creator. The pages are simple to set up and customize and they allow micro-funding using BCH, open-ended campaigns, goal levels, and progress percentages. Furthermore, Akari emphasizes the service is free, has zero fees, and the protocol is open source.

“Now it is even easier to begin a Bitcoin Cash micro-crowd-fundraiser thanks to the Akari-Pages Builder (APB), a new tool that makes editing the microsite configuration files a snap,” Akari states.

Akari Launches BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder for Crowdfunding
Akari-Pages BCH-Powered Micro-Sites for Fundraising.

Enhancements to Akari-Pay

The organization says there are many benefits to the Akari-Pages system which includes a fundraising platform with no middlemen, payments, and donations are direct, and everything is customizable. Akari has released a video that details how users can create a custom mini-site for fundraising and people can see all the APB fundraisers at, which updates every time someone adds a page. The Akari team has also modified their Akari-Pay service with more features that aim to enhance Akari-Pages.

Akari Launches BCH-Powered Micro-Site Builder for Crowdfunding
After pushing the green “Clone or Download” button at and download the .ZIP file. Unzip the folder to your device. Simply replace the bitcoin cash (BCH) address in the filename of the .html file in the ‘donate’ folder with the one you generated earlier by setting up Electron Cash, (or one of your new bitcoin cash wallets).

“We’ve made some enhancements to Akari-Pay too included in the bundle, now you can set all the details of your fundraising page, change the colors, add logos and banners, include links, add extra Imgur links, set goal-levels and set goal amounts, see live progress bars, set your bitcoin cash wallet receiving address,” explains Akari.

Akari-Pages Goes Head to Head With the Decentralized Fundraising Project

The Akari-Pages project has launched after the first release of a similar application called The Lighthouse project was first created by Mike Hearn who stopped developing the idea so an anonymous developer has resurrected Lighthouse and ported it over from BTC to work with bitcoin cash. is also a decentralized fundraising platform that also utilizes simplified smart contracts. Like Akari-Pages the Lighthouse project is also a free service.

What do you think about the Akari-Pages project? Let us know your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

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