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Cryptocurrency trading is a popular pursuit, as the fluctuation of digital assets provides plenty of profit-taking opportunities. The volatility gives expert traders enough room to pull in daily profits by carefully predicting price movements. Digital currency fans follow a slew of sophisticated traders online because they frequently publish technical analysis (TA) or short-term outlooks for the crypto markets.

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Despite the Dips, Cryptocurrency Intra-Day and Swing Traders Made a Lot of Money in 2018  

Here’s a look at the top cryptocurrency traders on Twitter and the TA publishing website Tradingview. The digital asset traders mentioned below have thousands of followers, and often publish their ideas so others can get a glimpse at their trading positions. There’s a lot of money to be made trading cryptocurrencies and there are many people who exchange digital assets for a living. Lots of intra-day and swing traders play the markets for profits every day and any type of movement can make them money. The 2017 digital currency bull run made crypto traders a bunch of capital, with the best even using the 2018 cryptocurrency bear market to make further profits.


A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders

The first analyst on our list is the Canadian cryptocurrency trader Philakone (@Philakonecrypto). He’s been tweeting his analysis of various digital currency markets for quite some time and has amassed over 107,000 followers on Twitter. The trader habitually talks about bitcoin trading on a regular basis and explains how he is playing his current position. Philakone says he’s “married to the Elliot Wave Theory,” a form of technical analysis that uses investor psychology, optimistic and pessimistic trends, and price swings that produce market impulses and waves. The method created by Ralph Nelson Elliott is a popular technique used by many cryptocurrency traders. Crypto trader Philakone live streams his technical analysis for coins like BTC, XRP, and BCH.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Philakone tweets frequently about cryptocurrency movements and how to forecast swings.

Nick Core

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersAnother trader people follow is Nick Core (@Crypto_core), a day trader and statistician who routinely explains his bitcoin market outlook on Twitter, Youtube, and Tradingview. Core’s analysis gives an overview of digital asset price action and other indicators throughout various videos and the trader also discusses technical positions on the Discord platform. The trader has 33,000 followers on Twitter and almost 7,000 following his Tradingview outlooks. An examination of Core’s published ideas shows the trader will use exchanges like Bitfinex and Bitstamp, with most of his analysis on coins like BTC, XRP, and LTC.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Nick Core’s TA videos on Tradingview are quite popular and Core tweets about cryptocurrency markets regularly on Twitter.

Mr. Jozza

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersMr. Jozza (@Mrjozza) is a well-known bitcoin trader who posts a lot about the market trends taking place nearly every day. For instance, on Friday, Dec. 14, speaking about current BTC/USD trends, Mr. Jozza explains his  “Bitcoin scribble of destiny — Looking for a stop-run below $3k, even with this tapered off sell volume” while sharing a chart that shows his short-term forecast. The trader has more than 16,000 followers on Twitter and his posts mostly touch upon BTC/USD market trends.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Mr. Jozza is a long-time bitcoiner and trader who frequently gives his analysis of BTC and other cryptocurrency price movements.

Magic Poop Cannon

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersOne interesting and popular strategist on the website Tradingview has over 44,000 followers and goes by the name Magic Poop Cannon. The trader’s 500+ written ideas concerning the price of BTC and other market trends have received close to 1 million views to date. Magic Poop Cannon’s TA is filled with descriptions and indicators that show what he thinks will happen with the value of bitcoin over short-term periods. The trader believes he is “the master of the charts” and he posts his TA nearly every day. Magic Poop Cannon is big on writing about BTC, LTC, BNC, and even stocks tied to the blockchain industry like Nvidia.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Magic Poop Cannon is one of the most popular BTC/USD analysts on the platform Tradingview.


A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersAnother well-known trader on Tradingview is an analyst who calls himself Excavo. The analyst is Tradingview’s most read BTC/USD strategist and has close to 70,000 followers on the platform. Excavo has written 1,227 technical analysis reports which have captured over 850,000 views. The cryptocurrency trader uses indicators like ‘long’ and ‘short’ positions on Bitfinex and other market trends to figure out whether or not the price of BTC is going up or down. Excavo also has his own trading Telegram channel and he discusses other markets besides cryptocurrencies as well. His last post on “The Unofficial Start of the Financial Crisis” gives a TA reading of the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the brink of a market slump. 

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Excavo is Tradingview’s most popular analyst on the entire site according to all-time records.


A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersCryptobull (@Cryptobull) is a bitcoin and altcoin trader who’s very well known on Twitter, with 173,000 followers on the social media platform. On Saturday, Dec. 15, Cryptobull explained that BTC was slightly below the weekly 200 moving average (MA) and noted “Historically we don’t spend a lot of time here.” The trader is quite humorous in his daily tweets, but in between the slew of cryptocurrency-themed memes, Cryptobull gives his price movement forecasts. Besides detailing some short-term BTC trends last week on Dec. 6, Cryptobull had a survey asking his followers whether or not the “bottom was in.” More than 52% of the 6,472 people polled voted that the “bottom was not in” and BTC prices would likely go lower. Cryptobull focuses his energy on BTC trades.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Cryptobull tweets about market sentiment often.

Mr. Swing Trader

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersThe cryptocurrency trader Eric Choe (@Cryptochoe aka Mr. Swing Trader) gives his insights on a daily basis to 142,000 Twitter followers. Choe says he makes a “few big trades” per week and claims he can turn $1K into “whatever.” The popular Mr. Swing Trade also has a Telegram channel and makes swing trade calls on a regular basis. On Friday, Choe detailed how he trades when he’s “too busy” stating that he plans trades on Sunday, scans 250 coins, identifies up and down trends, sets alerts and retrace levels, enters on pullbacks, and exits at key levels. The trader says he employs this technique for 2-5 cryptocurrency trades per week. Choe’s website and trading group statistics show the trader usually has positions in BTC, XRP, ETH, and EOS.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Eric Choe’s trading results he shares on his trading Slack channel.

Xuan Haimmoer

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency TradersThe cryptocurrency trader Xuan Haimmoer from Vietnam is a popular author on the Tradingview platform with over 6,000 followers. He’s been a top TA publisher on the charting website over the past few weeks and has published 571 posts on BTC, XRP, EOS, and other cryptocurrency markets. 14 hours ago, Haimmoer provided his analysis for BTC and said he wakes up every morning to look at the screen and watch the market. Haimmoer likes to note the changes that have taken place after his last analysis. The trader uses the Elliot Wave trading method as well, and at the moment his short-term target is between $2,800-3,000 per BTC. Haimmoer also runs his own trade discussion channel on Telegram for people interested in his trading reports.

A Look at Some of 2018’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders
Xuan Haimmoer is an up and coming Tradingview analyst from Vietnam who has garnered a bunch of attention over the past few weeks.

Trading Strategies That Are a Bit More Realistic Than Wall Street Bigwigs

There are many other traders that cryptocurrency enthusiasts follow in order to get a perspective of what may or may not happen next within the crypto-economy. Some of them are not even necessarily dedicated crypto traders, but do speak on the market from time to time, like the inventor of the Bollinger Bands technique John Bollinger (@bbands). Other individuals to follow include the Whaleclub administrator BTCVIX (@BTCVIX ), Willy Woo (@woonomic) and the semi-retired cryptocurrency trader ‘฿TF%$D!’ (@CryptoHustle).

A good portion of digital currency proponents follow traders like the ones mentioned above, because their prognosis is more realistic than that of old Wall Street farts constantly shouting that BTC’s price will be $25,000 by the year’s end. These traders have been far more down to earth and a number have successfully called short-term cryptocurrency swings. It’s not smart to follow these traders’ every move, because even experts are often wrong, but it’s always nice to get an overall glimpse of how a good portion of pro traders are feeling. Another thing to consider is that some of the so-called ‘expert’ traders on Tradingview and Twitter have been openly criticized for trading techniques, shilling, and other erroneous errors. For instance, even though some of these strategists have over a hundred thousand followers, online critics have denounced a few of the traders mentioned above.

What do you think about the traders mentioned above? Are there any traders that you follow that we missed? Let us know your thoughts about this subject in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The traders, methods, and subjects mentioned in the editorial above are intended for informational purposes only, and should not to be considered as trading advice. Neither nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains, as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader. Always remember that only those in possession of the private keys are in control of the “money.” 

Images via Shutterstock, Twitter, and Tradingview.

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