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Over the past few years, there’s been a big problem with cryptocurrency related forums and censorship. This week an independent and uncensored version of Bitcointalk has launched called

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A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches Bitcoincashtalk.orgWhen it comes to cryptocurrencies enthusiasts like to discuss the technology regularly on social media and forums. Nearly every digital asset has its own forum but over the last few years, two of the largest Bitcoin-based forums (coincidentally owned by the same individual) have been plagued with censorship in regard to the scaling debate. For instance, thousands of users have been banned on the Reddit forum r/bitcoin and the web portal for merely speaking about a different opinion concerning scaling the Bitcoin Network. Then thousands of Reddit users and users have also been banned for failing to toe the party line.

Just yesterday someone was banned for posting on r/bitcoin for simply asking in a post “What is the recommended procedure to safely update a bitcoin node if I have a Lightning node with channels open?” R/bitcoin moderators banned the user and called the individual a “low-effort concern troll, lying, spreading malicious propaganda, obvious Bcash shill.” In response to the extreme prejudice and censorship, many bitcoin users have shifted to other forums on the web. Now, this week an independent and uncensored version of has launched called

“This forum is aiming to gather software developers, businesses, enthusiasts — Anyone interested in a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency for a free world or believes in everyone’s right to privacy is welcome,” explains the forum’s creator.

Free speech is a core value for, any discussion is allowed as long as you respect the non-aggression principle and the forum rules.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches front page.

The More Uncensored Bitcoin Forums the Merrier

Bitcoincashtalk has a variety of sections available for all types of topics and the site’s feel is similar to the portal. There’s a General discussion about Bitcoin, a technical discussion area about BCH full node implementations and other Bitcoin Cash related software topics.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches General Discussion.

Registered Bitcoincashtalk users can converse about mining, project development, economics and information on cryptocurrency marketplaces. There’s also a local forums area in different languages such as Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese. Lastly similarly to Bitcointalk there’s a subforum for discussions about alternative currencies and other types of blockchain-related projects.

A Censorship-Free Version of Bitcointalk? Developer Launches
The subreddit forum r/btc is consistently one of the top bitcoin Reddit forums.

Bitcoin Cash proponents enjoyed the idea of a new website like Bitcoincashtalk in addition to some of the other forums online. For example, over 223,000 users utilize the second most active Bitcoin-related forum on Reddit called r/btc. There’s also the forum which allows for uncensored discussion concerning Bitcoin technology and other related cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. The has multiple sections for open discussions and provides over 30 different languages too. Bitcoincashtalk is just another avenue for Bitcoin technology proponents to meet and discuss various topics surrounding this innovative ecosystem.

What do you think about the new forum? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comment section below.

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